It is exciting to be at a trade show when a new product gets FDA clearance. I’m in North Carolina at the NCBA show and Fluke has just recieived FDA clearance for the ProSim vital sgns simulators. Designed as a complete monitor test tool used for PMs, incoming inspections, and post-repair testing, the ProSim 8 vital signs simulator can perform complete PM simulation testing in 5 minutes. The ProSim 4 vital signs simulator is a quick-check simulator that uses touchscreen technology, so users can get to most tests in just one touch. According to Fluke, the ProSim 8 vital signs simulator is the first simulator ever to be developed that is capable of testing Masimo Rainbow SET SpO2 technology.

Roger Peniche, drector of rsearch and dvelopment for Fluke Biomedical said:  “Our dedication to voice-of-the-customer business practices means all new-product development focuses on user-centered design methodology. Three and a half years, over 200 customer visits throughout the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China and Japan, and our fleet of the top test-and-measurement engineers, industrial designers, and human-factors user interface experts all came together to bring you the most innovative device in the biomed toolbox.”

Dennis McMahon, BMET, said: “Where the connectors are, where the soft-keys are—you made it small enough to be highly compact but big enough to allow for amazing manual dexterity. It’s not too big, it’s not too small—you got it just right.”

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