You don’t have a team of bearers to carry your tools, test equipment, parts and personal effects on a typical service safari, so you need tool kits and cases you can trust. Here’s the rundown on the types of designs available for the super healthcare technology tech, with suggestions on heavy-duty features to look for when shopping for super service luggage.

imageAfter traveling first class wearing a Savile Row suit, carrying only an overnight bag and a good book, the Supertech is met by a chauffeur and whisked to the local hospital where, with tools and parts already laid out for his use, our hero saves the day in ten minutes and spends the next three days on a most enjoyable vacation.

Dream on!

In reality, you are exhausted, traveling coach, diverted to your next difficult assignment and carrying your tools, test equipment, spare parts, manuals and personal effects in a ragtag collection of suitcases and cardboard boxes. When you eventually find the repair site, it’s the middle of the night and you soon realize that you need the tool you lent to the local tech at the last job and isn’t in your tool box, the spare module you need is missing, and your scope must have taken a big hit on your last trip because you can’t get a trace up on the screen.

Reality? Not necessarily.

You can make your job a lot easier by taking just a few easy steps. True, we have no control over where you go and when. We can, however, ensure that everything you need to carry out your job as a professional will be easy to handle, arrive in good shape and be well organized on site. Professional industrial cases can make a significant difference to your effectiveness and peace of mind.

First, let’s get back to basics. A case is designed to protect and organize. Protect against damage and organize such that you don’t have to search feverishly to find what you are looking for.

Let’s start with organization. You want to be able to carry and move conveniently. This means reducing the number of cases you require to a manageable quantity and weight. Ideally, two well-organized cases are all you should need, but this will dependent on the task at hand.

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