GE Healthcare introduced an expansion of the line of caring magnetic resonance (MR) suites, built by PDC, that now includes designs specific to GE’s Extremity Optima 430s MR scanner.

The caring MR suites reflect GE MR’s themes of its wide bore MR family and include the ‘caring hands’ design philosophy featuring lighting, interior décor, scenery, and music. Patients can choose a theme from 16 combinations of mood-lighting, visual scenery, and musical backgrounds before they undergo an MR exam. This gives them control over their environment, and allows them to face the exam calmly.

For all 2013 editions of the caring MR suite, patients can bring their own iPad and iPod content and select videos, photos, or music from their personal collection to be played during the MR exam. The content can be displayed on the high resolution LED screens placed in the ceiling or as window in the MR suite.

The company said a novel version of the caring MR suite has been developed specially for the Optima 430s extremity scanner, which includes noise levels that will be near to ambient levels, creating a more relaxing and stress-free experience.