Inspired by the ongoing success of the Pharma and Bio Integrates events, Life Science Integrates announced the inaugural MedTech Integrates conference. This one-day gathering of technology, diagnostics, devices, and therapeutics organisations, as well as clinicians and regulators, provides a platform to discuss the major challenges impacting the MedTech sector.

Broadcast live on October 15, 2020, MedTech Integrates addresses the needs of the MedTech community to overcome the challenges and achieve a transformation of diagnostics and devices in healthcare.

Martino Picardo, Chairman of Discovery Park, will kick off the day and interview the keynote speaker Ben Newton, Global Head of Oncology at GE Healthcare, discussing the key themes in the MedTech Industry from diagnosis, treatment, and empowerment.

There will be three tracks of panel discussions running throughout the day on the themes of treatment, diagnosis, and empowerment, which feature a speaker line-up of over 90 industry leaders.

The Diagnosis track will cover: Joining the dots of patient data, diagnosis, and decision-making is the holy grail for connected health. What is standing in the way? Is MedTech being implemented fast enough, and is “tech for good” a sustainable model?

The Treatment track will cover: From pills to prosthetics, 3D printing seems to be taking healthcare by storm. Could this be the ultimate personalised healthcare? Are implantable medical devices invasive or ingenious? With more stringent regulation around apps and wearables, can we now trust our healthtech?

The Empowerment track will cover: Can the use of apps and connected health put patients at the centre of their own care? We use wearables for everything from movement to monitoring and mobility. But are our “ables” making us more able? Is the growth in female focused MedTech a niche or a no-brainer?

The team at Life Science Integrates, producers of MedTech Integrates 2020, have made significant investment in the technology being used to broadcast this live event. Attendees can listen to panel discussions with industry experts, arrange interview opportunities from a list of 80 speakers, and join other delegates in a unique hot desk networking opportunity, recreating water-cooler moments.

“Our digital networking space offers real-time, face-to-face engagement which maximises chance encounters with other attendees, says Executive Director Samuel Thangiah. “When entering the networking lounge, attendees are automatically allocated to a table, and by just switching on their camera and mic, they can have a face-to-face video chat with others on that table. They also have the option to move around the room to any table of their choice, all at the click of a mouse.”

For more information, visit MedTech Integrates