Cybersecurity company Claroty has expanded its FOCUS Partner Program with the addition of several managed security service providers (MSSPs), such as IBM, Rockwell Automation, NTT Data, eSentire, and others. These MSSP partners, who have achieved the highest level of qualification in the FOCUS Partner Program, possess training and certifications that position them to assist end user organizations in enhancing their security measures and reducing risk across the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Moreover, their involvement allows companies to redirect resources towards core business operations.

C.J. Radford, the vice president of channels and alliances at Claroty, emphasizes the advantages of this partnership. He says, “By partnering with the world’s leading MSSPs, we are empowering our customers with a number of key business benefits.” These benefits include cost-effective solutions, specialized cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, tailored offerings, proactive network and systems monitoring, and compliance with industry and government regulations. 

Radford further stresses the importance of addressing the attack surface that accompanies the rapid proliferation of the XIoT across healthcare environments.

The FOCUS Partner Program has additional MSSP partners, including 1898 & Co., Atos, Aveniq, Cabrini Technology Group, DirectDefense, Kapsch TrafficCom, Kudelski Security, LAC Co. Ltd., r-tec IT Security GmbH, Trident Automation, and Vector Technology Solutions, among others. This network of partners serves to develop the necessary skills, tools, and processes for executing comprehensive enterprise security services.

Since the inception of the program, more than 2,000 sales and technical professionals have received Claroty training and certification, highlighting its commitment to establishing long-lasting relationships across partner organizations. The program aims to increase lifetime value, foster trusted advisor partnerships, and ensure the execution of jointly defined business outcomes.

The MSSP partners expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration with Claroty. IBM recognized Claroty as their Emerging Partner of the Year, highlighting the innovation and compatibility of Claroty’s solutions with IBM’s cybersecurity services. Rockwell Automation praised the combined efforts in safeguarding infrastructures within industrial environments, while NTT Data emphasized the strong security monitoring and management capabilities offered through the partnership.