RadarFind, a subsidiary of TeleTracking Technologies, announces a tamper-resistant version of its real time locating system’s (RTLS) plug-in readers, plus new application specific tags.

Developed at the request of hospital clients, the tamper-resistant reader features a shutter system that prevents patients from inserting small objects into the slots containing the energized contacts. The upgrade complies with National Electrical Code (NEC) safety standards applicable to tamper-resistant receptacles and patient care areas.

The company also introduces miniature asset tags and tag brackets designed to fit small, portable cardiac telemetry devices, and a NIST-traceable temperature sensor tag that is certified to be water and dustproof.

RadarFind’s RTLS operates wirelessly via a frequency that does not compromise a hospital’s WiFi network. It offers contextual status indicators to alert users whether a tagged asset is in-use, available, or in need of cleaning.