Irvine, Calif-based Nihon Kohden, has introduced the BSM-3500, the latest product in its line of bedside monitors. Designed to meet the needs of ambulatory surgery and specialty centers, the BSM-3500 comes fully optimized with all features—both premium and standard—which brings high standards of care to low acuity settings.

In addition to a range of standard monitoring features, the BMS-3500 offers a number of critical capabilities to ensure advanced patient care. These include the ability to spot real-time mini trends for early detection of vital sign variability during outpatient procedures.

“Hospitals and health systems know that not every patient requires intensive care or use of a high-acuity bed, but they also know patients in low-acuity areas still need to be monitored, no matter how minor a procedure may seem,” says Dr. Wilson P. Constantine, CEO of Nihon Kohden America. “By using Nihon Kohden’s line of quality, reliable monitors that are developed with our premium-as-standard philosophy, health care providers know their patients will be taken care of, no matter where they are in a health system.”

The new monitor also works with Nihon Kohden’s Cap-One Mainstream CO2 Sensor Kit, a wearable mainstream carbon dioxide sensor for non-intubated patients. As with all Nihon Kohden monitoring systems, the BSM-3500 is also designed to integrate with electronic medical records systems.

For more information about this monitor, visit Nihon Kohden.