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FDA Extends UDI Deadline for Certain Medical Devices

The FDA has extended by two years key requirements related to its new unique device identifiers (UDI)—a move that amounts to a tacit acknowledgement that adoption and implementation of that tracking system for medical devices is more challenging than originally anticipated, according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

They're Called QR Codes

Jeff Kabachinski, MS-T, BS-ETE, MCNE You have probably seen those funny-looking checkerboard blocks that are showing up all over the place these days. They are called QR codes or Quick Response codes—similar to the more common ba

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News Story #4227

GE donates intensive care monitoring system to college; FDA orders the seizure of unsafe hospital beds; Medrad Inc sales revenues grow; and more. GE Gives Lift to Biomed Tech Program GE Healthcare (Waukesha, Wis) has donated a complete inte

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News Story #4092

The board of directors of the American College of Clinical Engineers (ACCE) believed that a nonprofit foundation would enable ACCE to reach professional goals and build upon the clinical engineering field’s foundation. ACCE created an exp

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