Hagiwara Sys-Com launched Vaccine USB, a portable virus detection tool for Windows OS-based industrial systems.

Most anti-virus software is limited when deployed in the field despite being effective at safeguarding office computers. Since numerous medical devices have only intermittent access to the Internet, virus detection programs are rarely kept up-to-date. Issues with traditional anti-virus software include system slowdowns with installation-type virus programs, as well as voiding product warranties with third-party installation.

Vaccine USB requires no software installation and connects through a USB port. Powered by McAfee, up-to-date virus definitions can be downloaded to the Vaccine USB from any Internet-accessible computer so that users can perform the virus scan with the latest definition file even in network-isolated environments. Once inserted into a device, the Vaccine USB automatically runs a virus scan and identifies all viruses in the system. It is pre-set to “scan only,” but can be configured to “scan and remove” infected files.