Summary: Masimo and Cleveland Clinic have partnered to enhance hospital-based remote patient monitoring, integrating critical care platforms with the Masimo Hospital Automation platform to improve situational awareness and patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • The partnership will integrate Cleveland Clinic’s critical and non-critical care monitoring platforms with Masimo’s Hospital Automation platform, aiming to enhance clinical decision-support and situational awareness.
  • Joint development initiatives will focus on predictive analytics and AI-based algorithms to improve cardiac care and facilitate earlier detection of adverse events, enhancing patient outcomes.

Masimo and Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical center, announced the launch of a new partnership centered around hospital-based remote patient monitoring (RPM), including TeleCritical Care.

Integration and Goals

The partnership will include the integration of Cleveland Clinic’s critical care (eHospital) and non-critical care (eCMU) central patient monitoring platforms with the Masimo Hospital Automation platform. The goal is to provide tools for clinicians that offer enhanced situational awareness and clinical decision-support for hospitalized patients, including the critically ill.

The collaboration will include joint development initiatives on predictive analytics and AI-based algorithms for improving cardiac care.

Existing Monitoring Platform

Cleveland Clinic’s existing critical care and non-critical care central monitoring platform provides continuous monitoring of a range of vital signs, including ECG, for both ICU and non-ICU patients at more than a 2,000-bed capacity. Its hospital-based RPM programs serve 11 hospitals, providing intensivist monitoring, 24/7 critical care nursing, and patient management.

With this partnership, Masimo and Cleveland Clinic hope to bring these innovations and patient benefits to other healthcare systems in the future. The aim of the enhanced program is to increase awareness and facilitate triage with proactive responses to changes in a patient’s condition.

Masimo Hospital Automation Platform

The Masimo Hospital Automation platform offers technologies designed to help clinicians improve patient care at the bedside, across the care continuum. Masimo Hospital Automation includes monitoring and wearable technologies, high-fidelity medical device integration, system-wide applications for surveillance and data visualization, and novel AI capabilities that support intelligent patient prioritization and help clinicians identify changes in patients’ condition more efficiently.

Decision-Support Tools

The decision-support tools are integrated into the Masimo Hospital Automation platform and utilize the Halo engine, technology which identifies deterioration patterns in multiple physiological parameters simultaneously, in real time. As part of their work together, Masimo and Cleveland Clinic are partnering to jointly develop an additional Halo-based decision-support tool to support clinicians with earlier detection of adverse events to help manage and improve patient outcomes more effectively, for low-, mid-, and high-acuity patients.

“We see great opportunities to enhance remote care, particularly for critically ill individuals,” said Chiedozie Udeh, MD, Medical Director of ICU Operations at Cleveland Clinic. “By combining our technical and clinical expertise, we aim to improve situational awareness for clinicians and continue to improve outcomes for patients.”