Biotricity Inc., Redwood City Calif., a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company, announced the launch of its Bioflux Direct Program. The new offering ships Bioflux devices directly to at-risk patients who need to self-isolate or avoid in-person clinic visits.

Previously, patients using Bioflux would have to visit the clinic to collect their devices. But as a result of COVID-19, patients with chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, were unable to travel to their doctor’s office and unable to receive their potentially life-saving monitoring devices. The Bioflux Direct Program helps address this problem for both doctors and patients by removing the need for an in-office visit. Instead, the physician can prescribe the device over an online visit and the doctor’s office can inform the company of the shipping details.

Benefits of the Bioflux Direct Program include:

  • Direct shipping to patients on behalf of clinic 
  • Seamless integration with upcoming Biocare Telemed platform launch 
  • Remote device activation and clinical support 
  • Real-time active monitoring and reporting through the Bioflux Clinic App 

Biotricity’s unveiling of the Bioflux Direct Program comes ahead of the upcoming launch of the company’s proprietary Biocare Telemed platform, a comprehensive virtual clinic designed to help clinicians provide telehealth visits to patients from the safety of their homes. Biotricity will initially offer the Biocare Telemed Platform via limited release to selected physicians, followed by a broad rollout in Q4 2020.

Bioflux is a patient-friendly remote cardiac monitoring system technologically engineered to assist diagnosis of heart conditions and enhance patient outcomes. Merging seamlessly with physicians’ existing platforms and workflows, Bioflux is the obvious clinical-grade solution for remote cardiac monitoring to help physicians diagnose and deliver potentially life-saving interventions.

“The future of healthcare is in telemedicine and remote patient monitoring that provides real-time data to help medical professionals improve patient outcomes and quality of life,” says Dr. Fareeha Al-Siddiq, VP of Healthcare Solutions, Biotricity. “Bioflux addresses this fast-growing need with innovative technology and devices that track, analyze, and report biometric changes directly to medical professionals.”

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