Cognosos has launched Proactive Periodic Automated Replenishment (ProPAR), a digital suite of RTLS solutions and dashboards that supports central supply and biomedical engineering teams by providing instant visibility to asset counts and PAR level thresholds throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities.

ProPAR leverages Cognosos’ indoor RTLS location engine solution, LocationAI, to provide room-level visibility to asset location, eliminating the need to search for equipment for maintenance, cleaning or re-circulation, and helping to ensure PAR levels are consistently met.

With ProPAR, central supply and Biomed users have a flexible framework that offers notifications, tile view action boards, and picklists that can be used to prioritize each day’s activities and allows the team to optimize and improve their asset management practices based on their best practices workflows.

Not only can users determine the utilization of equipment on all floors in hospitals in designated storage areas like clean and soiled storage, but they can also easily generate new zones to track asset movement patterns in areas where mobile assets are often placed for easy access for the clinical staff, like alcoves or hallways. Cognosos ProPAR supports healthcare organizations’ need for continuous and accurate real-time visibility of all equipment in a healthcare organization.

“To deliver the best patient care it’s critically important that clinical staff have the right equipment on-hand anytime they need it, and that equipment teams have the tools to make that happen,” says Adrian Jennings, chief product officer at Cognosos. “Cognosos ProPAR keeps a constant watch over all assets in a hospital, proactively alerting teams when available equipment levels are falling below PAR, and clean rooms need to be replenished. This traditionally manual, reactive process is transformed into an efficient, exception-based system ensuring optimum equipment utilization and eliminating the need for nursing staff to embark on equipment hunts.”

ProPAR features and capabilities include:

  • Proactive clean-room restocking to ensure the necessary equipment is always on hand
  • Adjustable PAR levels and automatic replenishment notifications to help stay ahead of asset replenishment and maintenance needs
  • Restock picklists that assist users to manage the inventory efficiently
  • At-a-glance asset status notifying teams of which assets are ready for use, or unavailable because they need cleaning or maintenance.
  • Support to manage assets by exception, focusing attention only on areas that require replenishment versus those that are sufficiently stocked

Cognosos’ approach to RTLS combines Bluetooth Low Energy with AI, and proprietary long-range wireless networking technology to achieve breakthroughs in cost, performance, and accuracy.