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Is Your Medical Imaging Equipment End-of-Life?

For most experienced imaging managers and engineers, receiving an “end-of-life” notification in the mail from an equipment manufacturer isn’t much of a surprise, nor is it anything to be alarmed about. But do these letters really mean that the obsolete machine needs to be put out to pasture and replaced? Not necessarily.

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Orthopedic Practice Enhances Diagnostic Imaging Workflow, Efficiency

Two Carestream DRX-Ascend systems, equipped with DRX-1C detectors for improved imaging workflow, were installed at an orthopedic practice in Cartersville, Ga, that performs imaging studies with multiple views for up to 70 patients a day. The ceiling-mounted tube of the DRX-Ascend system moves with little effort from the technologist and offers flexibility for cross table exams, stretcher patients, and weight-bearing feet exams.

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