In a March 6 webcast hosted by AAMI, Rose Seavey, president of Seavey Healthcare Consulting, will demystify the often confusing labeling related to the sterile processing of medical devices. In the course of the 1-hour session, Seavey will:

  1. Explain the need for multiple signs and symbols in medical device labeling.
  2. Describe the meaning behind symbols found on medical device packaging, instruments, and equipment.
  3. List resources available that help identify the requirements and definition for commonly used symbols.

Instruction is targeted to any department in hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, or clinics that produce sterile products for their patients. The registration fee is $79 for AAMI members, or $99 for nonmembers. The session begins at 1:00 pm Eastern time on Thursday, March 6. For more information, visit the AAMI website.