Pronk Technologies
South Pasadena, Calif-based Pronk Technologies has introduced its new OxSim pulse oximeter tester. Small enough to fit in a hand, the OxSim provides eight hours of continuous SpO2 simulation on a single AA battery. A single button toggles through R-curves for all major brands of oximeters. A mode button selects among four saturation values, three heart rates, and two perfusion levels. Optical simulation means the whole system is tested, including the sensor, with no adapter cables to purchase or carry. OxSim plus the SimCube NIBP/ECG/IBP/Arr/Resp tester provides complete and portable vital-signs testing. Pronk now extends its factory warranty on all products to 3 years parts and labor. (800) 609-9802;

BC Group International
BC Group International, St Louis, has reintroduced the BC Biomedical FingerSim pulse oximetry testing units. The FingerSims allow users to check the SpO2 sensor by passing the light source through the FingerSim, with the absorbance being read by the photocell on the other portion of the sensor. They work like a person’s finger, but with a known outcome. FingerSims work with any style pulse oximetry finger sensor. The devices provide SpO2 outputs of 80%, 90%, and 97%. Simply push on the device to generate a “pulse” or include a calibrated pulse rate by adding the BC Biomedical SPO-2000 or the BC Biomedical MSP-2100 pulse oximetry module. (888) 223-6763;

The Nellcor N-200 is a reliable pulse oximeter from DRE Inc, Louisville, Ky. This sturdy model displays heart rate and oxygen saturation, and typically comes with a probe. The N-200 pulse oximeter has settings for volume and alarm and also displays the pulse reading. The trend capability makes this tool well-suited for continuous monitoring while the battery backup ensures no interruptions. The N-200 is available refurbished from DRE.

In business since 1984, DRE is a worldwide distributor of new and preowned medical equipment. The company also offers complete new lines of anesthesia machines, critical care monitors, surgery lighting, electrosurgical generators, surgical tables, blanket warmers, and more. (800) 477-2007;

Royal Philips Electronics
Royal Philips Electronics, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, introduces two new 510(k)-cleared adult reusable SpO2 pulse oximetry sensors for monitoring oxygen saturation. The new clip- and glove-style SpO2 sensors complement Philips’ line of reusable and disposable sensors. The new clip sensor is easy to apply and reposition, so it works well for spot-check monitoring in low-acuity, respiratory care, and other environments. It comfortably fits patients weighing more than 88 pounds.

Suitable for a wide range of patients, the new glove-style sensor provides durability and can accommodate both small and large patient fingers.

All Philips sensors are compatible with Philips’ FAST-SpO2 algorithm technology. (888) 647-4285;