Wi-Fi Ultrasound Tracking Solution

AeroScout, Redwood City, Calif, now offers its Wi-Fi asset tracking tags with integrated ultrasound receivers. The company’s tags utilize existing Wi-Fi networks to assist in locating tagged patients, equipment, or staff anywhere in a hospital or facility. New ultrasound capabilities can now be embedded into an integrated Wi-Fi tag for use in areas requiring 100% room-level resolution. The Wi-Fi ultrasound solution also includes MobileView software and ultrasound exciters, which are mounted in rooms and transmit ultrasound signals that do not pass through walls. When ultrasound tags are in the same room as the exciters, they receive ultrasound signals and subsequently transmit the tagged asset’s exact location over the Wi-Fi network.

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Infusion Pump Analyzer

NETECH Corp, Farmingdale, NY, releases its new lightweight, portable infusion pump analyzer, the IPA 2000. Utilizing patent-pending technology, the IPA quickly measures flow rate, volume, occlusion pressure, and back pressure and is compatible with all types of infusion pumps. The analyzer does not require an elaborate setup and is capable of storing 15,000 test results in the internal memory, which can be printed or saved to a user’s PC. Additional tech features include a large graphics display with backlight settings, a full alphanumeric keypad for data entry, and a serial port for downloading test results. It also includes a real-time clock and a built-in clamp for IV poles.

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3D/4D Probe Repair

MEDRAD Multi Vendor Service (MVS), Warrendale, Pa, expands its TotalRepair service to include select 3D/4D ultrasound probes. Enabled by 100% repair capabilities, the TotalRepair solution guarantees probe repair and sets a “worst case scenario” price up front to help health care facilities control costs associated with probe exchanges and replacements. Since its launch in March, MVS has added more than 20 probe models to the program’s list. Users can take advantage of an extended 6-month warranty on standard probes to help further reduce repair and replacement costs. Transesophageal probes are covered under a 90-day warranty.

MVS provides depot-based repair for MRI coils and ultrasound probes from any OEM. It also offers field-based service on dry imagers and computed radiography systems.

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Online CBET Study Forum

CTI Productions, Coppell, Tex, helps biomeds study for certification with its online CBET training forum. The forum for BMETs provides refresher training on subjects that may be found on the CBET exam. The forum exposes users to frequently updated training aids, including Web-streamed videos, study guides, practice tests, instant chats, and technical forum discussions. Members can study online in groups, chat with others one-on-one, and browse the forum’s 65 modules of study. In addition, the forum allows users to form global online discussion groups. The forum offers both free and premium memberships, with premium members given on-demand access to the site’s video, study guide, and practice test archive.

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