Wireless X-ray Test Device

The TNT 12000 x-ray test device from Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, a manufacturer of biomedical test and simulation products, is a completely wireless x-ray maintenance, calibration, and quality assurance tool. The device provides service and radiation management professionals with simultaneous all-in-one exposure measurement, including half-value layer, and the choice of a custom readout device or laptop communication with ZigBee interface, for fast, secure results display and archiving. It has been specifically designed for ease of use, and can perform a wide range of functions from complex physics analysis to the routine needs of a state or local inspector.

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Emergency Lighting Inverters

Controlled Power Company, Troy, Mich, a manufacturer of complete medical electrical power solutions, recently expanded its line to offer 12.5-kW to 14-kW sizes of its UltraLITE model ELU centralized emergency lighting inverters. The inverters provide uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for “normally on” lighting fixtures and exit lamps, as well as standby output for “normally off” emergency lighting fixtures. Generator compatible, these UL 924-, UL 1778, and cUL C22.2-listed inverters meet NFPA standards as “Life Safety Equipment.”

Available in a complete range of single phase sizes—1.5 kW to 14 kW—the UltraLITE model ELU works well in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and other similar high-traffic health care facilities where “Life Safety” is imperative. Incorporating almost 40 years of power-protection technology and expertise, the company provides long-lasting, integrated solutions.

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