Lens tester improves biomed efficiency; new ventilator test system; electrical safety testers; light engine lamp introduced.

productInnovative Technology Improves Efficiency for Biomeds
The ELT-1 endoscope lens tester from Lighthouse Imaging Corp (Portland, Me) checks rigid endoscope lenses in seconds for problems such as cracked relay lenses, moisture in the optical system, dirt on the surfaces, and adhesive degradation.

“The ELT-1 allows biomeds to understand the defect in the endoscope lens almost instantaneously” says Dennis Leiner, president of Lighthouse. “This process reduces the number of blank order forms being sent from biomeds to repair companies.”

The endoscope lens tester includes a precision glass imaging lens for a clear view of the endoscope interior, acceptance of all DIN standard endoscope eyepieces, autoclavability, and a locking eyepiece attachment for minimizing possible damage during testing. The tester also adapts to standard endoscopic video cameras for documentation.

For more information about the endoscope lens tester, contact Lighthouse at (207) 253-5350, or visit the company Web site at www.lighthouseoptics.com.

productNew Ventilator Test System
BC Group International (St Louis) is now offering the TSI Certifier-FA ventilator test system for gas-flow analysis. The Certifier-FA is a portable device for measuring flow, pressure, oxygen concentration, and multiple breathing parameters needed for testing anesthesia and respiratory ventilators, as well as other medical devices in institutional, manufacturing, home care, field service, and laboratory applications.

For more information about the TS Certifier-FA, contact BC Group International at (800) 223-6763, or visit the company’s Web site at www.bcgroupintl.com.

productElectrical Safety Testing of Medical Electronic Devices
QuadTech (Maynard, Mass) announces the availability of two electrical safety testers for medical electronic devices and appliances. Both models offer the same test capabilities; the portable model 277 with built-in printer is ideal for maintenance and repair or field test applications, and the benchtop model 299 is primarily designed for a medical manufacturing production environment. The instruments are microprocessor-controlled units for testing Class I and Class II equipment in accordance with the requirements of IEC60601, EN60601, NFPA99, and ANSI/AAMI.

To learn more about the model 277 and model 299, contact QuadTech at (800) 253-1230, or visit QuadTech’s Web site at www.quadtech.com.

productLight Engine Lamp Introduced
Bulbtronics (Farmingdale, NY) a supplier of bulbs, batteries, and related lighting products now offers General Electric’s Light Engine ceramic xenon lamp for use in a variety of applications, such as medical endoscopy and surgical headlights.

The Light Engine lamp is compact and rugged, producing a focused, high-brightness white light. Providing state-of-the-art performance and warranted for a life of 500 hours, the Light Engine delivers exceptional color rendition and stable maintained light output.

The lamp is designed to be compatible with both pulsed and continuous systems.

For more information about the Light Engine, call Bulbtronics at (800) 624-2852, or visit its Web site, http://bulbtronics.com.