Telemetry cables from Curbell Electronics, Orchard Park, NY, feature all FDA-grade materials—from polyurethane cable jackets to the ink used for printing. They contain no latex or PVC, which helps maximize patient safety and comfort and minimize the risk of biocompatibility problems. Sure-Lock electrode clips are among the many connector types available. The patented mechanism in Sure-Lock locks onto resting snap- and diagnostic tab-electrodes and ensures connection with the electrode snap, allowing 360° of motion. This helps to prevent leads from detaching from the electrode, and helps eliminate false calls and monitoring failures due to detached clips.

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CXtec, Syracuse, NY, offers a new CABLExpress-branded line of customizable, high-density-terminated copper cabling products that help reduce installation time up to 80%. The products feature a plug-and-play design for quick network deployment and can be ordered with staggered ends to reduce excess cable. Trunk lengths range from 10 feet to 295 feet in 1-foot increments, and can be designed with breakout lengths ordered in 1-inch increments. The cables are labeled for easy identification, and customized labeling options can be tailored to customers’ needs. High-density patch panels are available and test results are included with each assembly. CXtec helps health care IT customers reduce the cost of networking, voice, and storage infrastructure.

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