The PanGo product line from InnerWireless, Richardson, Tex, includes the PanGo Platform, PanGo Vision, and PanGo V3 tags. The products provide a layer of location-aware intelligence atop an underlying location infrastructure. The location-management platform aggregates location data from a variety of sources and integrates it into the enterprise in a standards-based way. Vision provides a seamless view of thousands of assets, regardless of the technology used to track them. The V3 tags are Wi-Fi-enabled active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that can be attached to equipment or carried by people for real-time asset tracking.

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RadarFind Corp, Morrisville, NC, offers RadarFind, a real-time location system designed by health care professionals for hospitals. It conveys a device’s location and status—whether in use, available, or needs cleaning/sterilization. Plug-in readers communicate with ID tags attached to equipment and display the information on a hospital staff’s computer screen. The system needs no new wiring and operates independently of a hospital’s critical IT network. The technology platform supports patient tracking, and the system offers promising applications for infection control.

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The Real-time Awareness Solution from Awarepoint, San Diego, uses active RFID, real-time location service technology that gives health care providers reliable location, status, and movement information to remotely monitor equipment and people. Using minimal hardware and no hard wiring, the product offers a nondisruptive, rapid impact implementation—even in occupied patient rooms. The patent-pending solution enables hospitals to map resources, monitor activity, and measure performance to improve business processes that impact patient care and operational efficiencies. It is provided as a fully managed service, including 24/7/365 remote system monitoring, and full maintenance of hardware and software that require no hospital IT resources.

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Radianse Reveal asset tracking is part of a suite of tracking, workflow, and analytics solutions designed exclusively for health care from Radianse Inc, Andover, Mass. Applications and tools are optimized for the Radianse real-time location platform, which includes active RFID tags for assets and people, and patented alerts based on clinical context. Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is among the hospitals that recently implemented the product hospital wide. Among the benefits reported by SOMC are improved equipment and recall management, better use of the limited supply of critical devices, and streamlined Joint Commission compliance.

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