D04a.jpg (10446 bytes)Chemistry Analyzer Replacement Bulb
Peripheral Visions Inc
(Auburn, Wash), manufacturer of high-quality replacement parts for clinical chemistry analyzers, offers a direct-replacement lamp for the Hitachi brand series of analyzers. It offers the same light intensity, life span, and matching warranty—and costs more than 50% less. Light sources, lamps, and bulbs are also available for other chemistry-analyzer models. (253) 735-3910; www.peripheralvisions.com.

D04b.jpg (14510 bytes)Computer Monitor Tester
Fluke Biomedical, Radiation Management Services (Cleveland) introduces a unit for testing, repairing, and aligning analog computer monitors, LCD displays, and video projection systems. A microprocessor and programmable logic-based design provides performance improvement over the common memory-based monitor testers, according to the company. Up to 100 scan formats are available, including all current Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standards and most fixed-frequency monitor scan formats. The unit is also field-upgradeable to custom frequencies. Four video patterns with 16 colors and intensity control provide the patterns and colors normally required to test and align any computer monitor. (440) 248-9300; www.flukebiomedical.com/rms.

D04c.jpg (15543 bytes)Maintenance Timer
Matlock Endoscopic (Nashville, Tenn) introduces the ValiDater, a maintenance timer for critical care equipment. Along with a preventive maintenance (PM) sticker, the ValiDater can be placed on a piece of recently inspected equipment. Once the timer is activated, it counts down to the next scheduled PM. The ValiDater is available in countdown intervals of 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days. At the end of the cycle, the LED will blink slowly, but brightly, and continually, for 21 days. The ValiDater decreases the risk of “cannot locates” and helps comply with Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requirements. The timer also can be applied to new equipment for timing warranty expiration; alerting maintenance for keeping sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and air-conditioning filters serviced in a timely fashion; and alerting staff when leased equipment is due to be returned. (615) 256-4867; www.matlockendo.com.

D04d.jpg (9905 bytes)Web-Based Service-Management Tools
Sentact by Viasant (Arlington Heights, Ill) is a suite of Web-based service-management tools aimed at enhancing service delivery and customer care in the health care industry. Sentact enables organizations to better manage their nonclinical requests and related service teams. Support levels for employees, patients, and partners are increased, while resource utilization is improved and operating costs are reduced. Sentact is used in multiple service areas including facility maintenance, environmental services, food and nutrition services, and patient relations (complaint management). As a service-request and problem-tracking platform, any type of request can be initiated from any Web-enabled device, automatically routed, documented, and tracked. (847) 956-2000; www.sentact.com.