Clinical Dynamics

 Founded in 1990, Wallingford, Conn-based Clinical Dynamics is one of only a few independently owned biomedical test equipment manufacturers. The company designs, manufactures, and tests biomedical equipment for engineers, independent service organizations, and medical-device manufacturers worldwide. Clinical Dynamics’ marketing and sales manager, Joe Rebot, recently spoke with 24×7 about the importance of standing out in a market that has seen much consolidation.

24×7: What are some products offered by Clinical Dynamics?
Joe Rebot:
We offer the SmartArm™ NIBP [noninvasive blood pressure] simulator for testing and calibrating blood-pressure monitors. This machine is the only physiologically correct NIBP simulator on the market. We also manufacture the SmartSat™ pulse oximetry analyzer and probe tester for testing pulse oximeters and pulse-oximeter probes.

SmartSat will actually pay for itself in 4 to 6 months. We’ve done studies that revealed customers are able to recover 15% to 20% of the probes that are used, while being able to repair the others. This saves on the cost of the pulse-oximeter probes.

24×7: How does the company market its test equipment?
We sell direct and through dealers. We recently signed an agreement with our first dealer in Israel, and a few months prior we signed with our first dealer in China.

In addition to dealer support, we also use direct marketing for our products and services. For example, right now, one of the main things being pushed through by JCAHO [Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations] is the testing of clinical alarms in health care facilities. In response to this, we have collaborated with Ode Keil Consulting Group to develop the first guide that focuses on testing clinical alarms. The guide is available free of charge on our Web site,

24×7: What makes Clinical Dynamics stand out from its competitors?
We are distinguished by the quality and value of our products and are the only company in the industry to offer a 3-year warranty. For example, one of our first SmartArms, which was shipped back in 1992, is returned to us each year for routine calibration. After 12 years of constant use, this SmartArm is still operating as if it were brand new. It’s this kind of quality in design that we strive for in all of our products.

Another way in which we distinguish ourselves is that we don’t have end-of-life on our products. If a piece of our equipment can no longer be repaired, we’ll offer that customer the opportunity to trade in the older equipment and replace it with a newer generation. We feel that because a customer has made the initial investment in our equipment, it’s worth it for us to go the extra distance to keep them happy so they will continue as a longtime customer.

Clinical Dynamics also works very closely with patient-monitor manufacturers when developing and upgrading test equipment. Our relationship with the OEMs is such that usually 6 months ahead of time, before new equipment is introduced into the marketplace, the manufacturers contact us to upgrade our products so that we can test these new products for them. So, when a hospital biomedical department makes an investment in our test equipment, the manufacturers have done so as well, which ensures that our equipment is always current and up to date.

24×7: What new products are being developed by Clinical Dynamics?
We have some upgrades coming out for the SmartArm NIBP simulator.

We’re calling it our True Pulse™ technology. True Pulse is our second generation of SmartArm, and it is going to have the capability to add calibration tables for specific manufacturers. One of the biggest problems our customers are faced with is that an individual can test 10 different monitors and come up with 10 different results. The innovations of our new True Pulse technology will eliminate the inconsistencies with these tests and provide repeatable and accurate test results.

24×7: As a global provider of biomedical test equipment, what issues does Clinical Dynamics face, and how does the company resolve these issues?
One of the most difficult issues we face is that since we are a small, privately owned company we have to work for every opportunity to inform potential customers about our products. When we demonstrate our products to potential customers, we do very well. It’s about providing quality products to your customers. Our products are leading edge and high quality, and we have an excellent track record that spans 14 years.