Ring Plug

Alpha Source Inc, Milwaukee, introduces the Ring Plug, the company’s latest solution for medical-grade power cords. Designed based on customer feedback, the Ring Plug helps prevent cord damage and improves reliability. The cord is hospital grade, UL approved, and available in multiple configurations. It features a comfortable ergonomic design that emphasizes the safest way to unplug cords.

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Current Shunt Set

Fluke Corp, Everett, Wash, has introduced the Fluke A40B precision current shunt set—an array of devices designed to simplify the task of making precision current measurements in the laboratory. The set consists of 14 low-inductance coaxial current shunts, adapters, and connectors, and a rugged transit/storage case. Designed for currents from 1mA to 100A, the current shunts are for use in making directly measured absolute AC or DC current measurements as well as AC/DC current transfer measurements. Each shunt comes standard with a report of traceable calibration, including data, and the set includes a variety of connectors and adapters to enable a connection to other test instruments. As an optional service, 17025A-accredited reports of calibration are available.

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