The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) will host a 10-part webinar series to review the key topics in the upcoming Certification in Clinical Engineering (CCE) exam.

Running from August 13 through October 15, 2014, the weekly sessions will be presented by certified ACCE faculty. The classes will cover the material in each of the main subject areas included in the CCE exam. They will help attendees confirm their knowledge of exam topics and identify areas in which they need further review. In addition, the series will enable attendees to meet other candidates and form study groups.

Topics covered in the series will include the major areas in the exam:

  • technology management;
  • service delivery management;
  • product development and facilities management;
  • IT and telecommunications;
  • the education of others;
  • risk management and safety; and
  • general management.

The 1-hour sessions will be held on Wednesdays at noon Eastern time.

For more information on the CCE exam webinar series, including fee schedule, visit the ACCE website.