Headlight Camera

Welch Allyn Lighting Products, Skaneateles Falls, NY, introduces the ProXenon surgical headlight camera—an accessory to its ProXenon 350 headlight system. The camera is prealigned to image precisely where the light is focused and provides a video signal that can be displayed on video monitors. The camera controller utilizes a magnetic mounting base to facilitate quick and easy setup and relocation when needed. Additional features include power and white balance controls and one composite and two S-video outputs. The system comes equipped with a DC power adapter, two S-video cables, and a soft storage case. It is available in both NTSC and PAL video formats. A ventilated CoolVent headband keeps the wearer cool and allows the material to breathe.

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QA Phantom

The model 903 radiography/fluoroscopy QA phantom, from CIRS, Norfolk, Va, is ideal for both initial and routine QA assessment and testing as well as for use with CR/DR systems. The phantom is made from a durable PMMA equivalent epoxy, which provides the same x-ray attenuation properties as acrylic. It measures 25 cm wide by 25 cm long by 20.7 cm high and contains three attenuation plates, one test object plate, and a detachable stand for easy, reproducible setup. Test objects include high-resolution copper mesh targets ranging from 12 to 80 lines per inch and two separate contrast-detail objects.

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