Bulbs for Medical Devices

World Medical Equipment, Marysville, Wash, carries a wide selection of completely refurbished equipment in the surgical environment, including bulbs for AMSCO/Steris and Getinge/Castle surgical lights and sterilizer control panel lamps. Additional products include light source bulbs for most types of scopes, bulbs for x-ray boxes, microscopes, and many other applications. The company’s parts department stocks a large selection of bulbs and lamps in inventory and can special order products for customers as needed.

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Real-Time Location Systems

Real-time location systems receivers by Radianse, Andover, Mass—a provider of hospital asset and patient tracking applications—can plug and play on existing Wi-Fi networks, offering hospitals disruption-free RTLS installation. The company uses patented algorithms, active RFID, and the 433-MHz UHF band to calculate location and ensure interference-free operation and accurate room-level precision. Wireless ecosystems can include 802.11 a/b/g, cellular connectivity, wireless medical telemetry, clinical carts, laptops, tablet PCs, pagers, and two-way radios for faster patient tracking, throughput, and clinical effectiveness applications, simplifying interaction among patients, staff, and equipment.

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Antibacterial Keyboard

Unotron, Dallas, incorporates antibacterial protection into the plastic of its SpillSeal washable corded keyboard S6000K for easy, safe cleaning. The company’s patented protection allows the keyboard to be fully submerged in water or antibacterial solutions for cleaning or disinfecting. A broad-spectrum, inorganic, silver-based biocide is integrated into the plastic of the keyboard. The silver ions counteract the molecular process of microorganisms, causing the harmful organisms to die and lose their ability to infect and reproduce. The silver ions maintained in inorganic matrices become antimicrobial with very low toxicity levels and are noncorrosive, nonflammable, and nonsensitizing. The keyboard’s soft touch provides for easier typing, and a detachable wrist rest provides responsive keys and extra support.

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Probe Test Devices

The iTest and iTest Pro electrical leakage devices from Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, test all types of diagnostic ultrasound probes, regardless of the OEM or the system on which they are used. The devices work quickly and are adaptable to the workflow of both the hospital’s echocardiography laboratory and transesophageal probe (TEE) cleaning stations. When used regularly, the iTest can spot and help prevent serious fluid infiltration into the body of the probe, which destroys the inner electromechanical components of the TEE and represents one of the leading causes of probe failure. Features include data logging, unit calibration information, and an optional printer for record management. Users can also select either a threshold pass/fail mode or a quantitative meter mode for more precise results.

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