Active RFID Alarm

RadarFind Corp, Morrisville, NC, now offers SentryAV, an active RFID alarm that integrates with the company’s real-time location system to alert staff when tagged assets or patients reach an exit or other exclusion zone. Users can set the wall-mounted SentryAV device to send out e-mail, pager, or other computer screen notification alerts, as well as an audible, visable alert on the asset tag itself when it leaves its predetermined zone. The system can also be set to alert staff if temperatures in a monitored refrigerator or freezer vary outside a predetermined range. The device works with all current version RadarFind tracking tags.

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Online Ultrasound Application Store

Siemens Healthcare, Mountain View, Calif, now offers one-stop shopping for ultrasound application upgrades, accessories, options, and services through the company’s webShop. Customers can use the online store to browse through and sample new applications for their ultrasound imaging equipment, and receive on-demand access to clinical application upgrades, including a selection of syngo workstation applications, such as automated measurement packages, image-enhancement technologies, and contrast-enhanced ultrasound. Prior to purchase, users can also request trial licenses for the options they are interested in to test upgrades firsthand. The shop also offers applications for CT and magnetic resonance imaging.

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Portable All-in-One Tester

The ESA612 electrical safety analyzer, from Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, is a portable, all-in-one ECG simulator, multimeter, and electrical safety analyzer. Specially designed for fast testing, the device features a unique bail design to minimize the footprint for stand-up testing in field environments. The device’s standard internal memory can store up to 100 test records for rapid records maintenance. Optional automation software standardizes test procedures, compares results to standards limits, and generates and stores reports. With a selection of two test loads, the device can be used worldwide for compliance testing with users’ preventive maintenance electrical safety standards of choice.

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Online Support Guides

Dickson, Addison, Ill, offers online support guides for various products in a variety of formats, from downloadable PDFs on the company’s Web site to videos on YouTube. The guides help customers more easily monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and other electronic signal events important to critical storage, and cover information such as product applications, useful features, DicksonWare software specifications, frequently asked questions, calibrations, troubleshooting, and warranty/factory return details. Users can access the support guides by visiting the “support” tab on each product page on the company’s Web site.

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Field Service Test Kit

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, UK, has released its new Med-eKit field service kit for rapid functionality and electrical safety testing on the go. The kit features a selection of the company’s most flexible and portable test equipment and analyzers, including the Rigel 288 electrical safety analyzer, NIBP and SpO2 analyzers, a battery-operated patient simulator, a defibrillator analyzer, ventilator tester, printer and bar code scanner, and asset-management software, all housed within a compact and lightweight wheeled Pelican case and held in place with protective foam inserts. Rigel will customize kits to include a laptop, multimeter, temperature meter, and power analyzer.

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Online CBET Study Forum

CTI Productions, Coppell, Tex, helps biomeds study for certification with its online CBET training forum. The forum for BMETs provides refresher training on subjects that may be found on the CBET exam. The forum exposes users to frequently updated training aids, including Web-streamed videos, study guides, practice tests, instant chats, and technical forum discussions. Members can study online in groups, chat with others one-on-one, and browse the forum’s 65 modules of study. In addition, the forum allows users to form global online discussion groups. The forum offers both free and premium memberships, with premium members given on-demand access to the site’s video, study guide, and practice test archive.

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