Defibrillator Analyzer Autosequences

The BC Biomedical DA-2006 series of defibrillator analyzers from BC Group, St Louis, now feature the ability to easily create and edit automated testing sequences via autosequence development software. Users can create up to 50 autosequences on their PCs, or access one of the 19 provided autosequences for download to analyzers. Autosequences can be defibrillator-only, transcutaneous pacer-only, or a combination of both. Each can support up to 20 output energy test steps, a maximum energy test (including charging time), a cardioversion test (at up to three different power levels), and transcutaneous pacer tests. Additionally, users can clone and e-mail autosequence files for use on multiple analyzers.

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Wall-Mounted Leak Tester

Matlock Endoscopic Repairs, Sales and Service Inc, Nashville, introduces the MER wall-mounted leak tester for leak testing all major brands of endoscopes, including Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, Wolf, and Storz. The tester comes equipped with a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge, and it is designed to hang securely over a user’s scope cleaning station, helping to prevent accidental loss or damaging drops into water. When used prior to every cleaning cycle, the tester can help detect air leakage from the working channel and prevent potential costly repair. The company also offers a handheld air tester.

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