100% Pediatric TEE Probe Repair

Ultrasound and MRI depot-level repair company Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, offers 100% repair capability for a number of complex pediatric transesophageal (TEE) probes as a complement to its SafeTee TEE life-cycle offering, designed to lower costs associated with maintaining expensive TEE probes. The 100% repairable pediatric TEE probes include the Philips HP 21381A, the Siemens/Acuson V7M, the General Electric 8T, and the Philips S7-3t. Additional SafeTee offerings include the probe testing devices FirstCall aPerio and iTest as well as the company’s TD-100 automated TEE probe disinfecting station.

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Telemetry Door Replacement

The new Apex Pro FH / DT-4500 battery cover upgrade from Clinical Technology Solutions, Lewisville, Tex, upgrades the OEM battery door mechanism on both the GE Apex Pro FH and Datascope DT-4500 transmitters to help minimize downtime due to cracked or broken battery doors or hinges. The battery cover upgrade precision mills off broken hinges and mills new clip receptacles into the sides of the case. A new impact-resistant battery cover snaps into place and replaces the original door. Extra door covers are included to assist field staff in quickly replacing battery doors in the event of a break.

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Lightweight SpO2 Simulator

The SP-SiM, a handheld pulse oximetry simulator from Rigel Medical, Peterlee, UK, utilizes a new technology that tests SpO2 devices and identifies worn probes. Lightweight and battery powered, the simulator uses both electronic and optical methods in a single test setup. It features pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer-specific R-curves, and simultaneous monitor and probe testing. Users can take advantage of the simulator’s large-capacity internal memory by downloading and storing details of up to 10,000 devices to their PC via Bluetooth technology. The simulator is available individually or as part of the new Med-eKit portable biomed cart.

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Sterilizable Asset Tag

The Zigbee-based active radio frequency identification, real-time location system asset-management tag from Awarepoint, San Diego, can be sterilized along with equipment via steam autoclave and common liquid sterilization methods. The company’s T2S asset tag can withstand temperatures up to 135ºC as well as immersion in the most common liquid sterilizers, enabling the tags to be used on a variety of medical-surgical equipment requiring thorough cleaning and sterilization before reuse. Staff can use the Awarepoint system to track and learn the status of equipment throughout the sterilization process. Tags feature a status switch, an optical sensor tag removal indicator, and a battery life of 5 years or longer.

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