Online Ultrasound Troubleshooting

Sonora Medical Systems Inc, Longmont, Colo, now offers the Ultrasound Guru 2.0, an online technical support site that focuses on symptoms, diagnosis, and solutions for troubleshooting ultrasound systems and probes. The site features comprehensive, searchable technical support information that allows users to resolve issues without having to contact representatives directly. Driven by a peer-reviewed and community-furnished knowledge database, the site is regularly updated with new case studies, added after each successful repair cycle, which provides users with proven solutions to a variety of recurring symptoms. Available globally, the Web-based system requires no additional software, and the service is provided free of charge to all Sonora or Axess Ultrasound service training class attendees.

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Uninterruptible Power System

The newly designed Eaton 9390IT uninterruptible power system (UPS) from Eaton Corp, Raleigh, NC, provides double-conversion technology to help protect IT equipment from common utility power problems. The model’s transformerless design features a compact 40-kVA footprint and an internal battery, which eliminates the need for external battery cabinets. It features an onboard, prewired maintenance bypass—or parallel tie sidecar—that makes it easier to service the UPS without disruption to critical loads. To help conserve power, the system comes equipped with a new energy saver mode, which produces cooler operating temperatures and delivers 99% energy efficiency with double-conversion protection.

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Field Service Test Kit

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, UK, has released its new Med-eKit field service kit for rapid functionality and electrical safety testing on the go. The kit features a selection of the company’s most flexible and portable test equipment and analyzers, including the Rigel 288 electrical safety analyzer, NIBP and SpO2 analyzers, a battery-operated patient simulator, a defibrillator analyzer, ventilator tester, printer and bar code scanner, and asset-management software, all housed within a compact and lightweight wheeled Pelican case and held in place with protective foam inserts. Rigel will customize kits to include a laptop, multimeter, temperature meter, and power analyzer.

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Electrosurgery Analyzer

BC Group, St Louis, will introduce the ESU-2400, its new self-contained, conventional electrosurgery analyzer, in the third quarter of 2009. Based on the measurement engine of the company’s ESU-2050 and ESU-2050P models, the new high-end analyzer features increased horsepower, which helps to improve electrosurgery generator analysis. The device uses internal precision noninductive test loads in the 0 to 6400 ohms range, in 1 ohm increments, offering compatibility to hospital end users, ISO field service engineers, and manufacturers. To further ensure extended test load requirement compatibility, the analyzer also includes the capability to add an external load.

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