Low Temperature Recorder

Dickson, Addison, Ill, now offers its ultra-low recorder, ideal for ensuring proper freezer temperatures of essential materials around the clock. The recorder helps users independently verify data loggers in ultralow freezers to ensure 21CFR Part 1271 and other regulatory compliance. Built-in relays integrate with alarm systems to ensure proper notification if temperatures fall out of range. The tool is encased in a compact, rugged enclosure, suitable for hospital or laboratory use, and features a digital display for immediate reference. It can record temperatures from -100° to 0°, Fahrenheit or Celsius. Glycol bottles are also available for temperature stabilization.

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Automatic Transfer Switch

The Zenith 1600-3000 amp horizontal bypass/isolation automatic transfer switch (ATS) system from GE Digital Energy, Bonham, Tex, helps operators conduct installation and maintenance simply and safely. New features include a back-to-back design with a shutter system that utilizes technology from the American National Standards Institute and a lighter, more compact size that makes it easier to fit into facilities’ existing spaces. The ATS system also adds several new safety features, including a horizontal bypass switch enclosure, which has a dead front with the ATS system removed or isolated, and a low-voltage control compartment that is isolated from the switch mechanism. The control system increases the reliability for mission-critical loads with built-in power quality metering and alarms, which are designed to help prevent uptime problems.

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Ventilator and Anesthesia Testing

The FlowAnalyser, offered by imtmedical, Buchs, Switzerland, provides a comprehensive solution for calibrating and testing ventilators and anesthesia machines. The equipment measures relevant ventilation and anesthesia parameters such as pressure, flow, volume, and gas concentrations, and now allows up to 10 data records to be stored directly on the device. Optional firmware software provides assistance during calibration by enabling users to view ventilation curves and save up to 100 hours of trending reports. Users can also capture test reports detailing the measured parameters. In addition, test reports can be further customized to include specific details pertaining to the device, such as model name, serial number, and company and service department logos. Firmware is available free of charge. Previously purchased FlowAnalysers can be upgraded to the latest version.

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Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory

Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, has achieved FDA 510(k) clearance for its new Impulse 7010 defibrillator selectable load accessory, which allows technicians to follow postinspection procedures and ensure full functionality on patients with different impedances. The easy-to-use tool has the capacity to test defibrillators in a wide variety of patient impedance conditions, and it is the only product available that can test from 25 to 200 ohms to help facilities comply with IEC60601-2-4 and AAMI DF80 standards for impedance testing. It can be used in conjunction with the company’s Impulse 7000DP defibrillator/external pacer analyzer to ensure defibrillator performance under almost any circumstance.

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