Bioconnect, San Diego, offers an expanded line of shielded atrial catheter cables for use with medical diagnostic equipment. The multiconductor, low-capacitance trunk cables are double shielded to reduce EMI-EMF triboelectric noise and are available in various lengths. Leadwires, shrouds, and yokes are available in multiple colors. The trunk cable, shielded leadwire jacket, yoke, and stain reliefs are all made of Santoprene, a TPR material. Cables can be terminated with various device connectors and will withstand repeated 100% steam autoclave, gamma, and ETO sterilization. The cable assemblies meet all applicable AAMI/AMSI EC-53 performance requirements.

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The NIBP-1030, from BC Group, St Louis, is the latest addition to the company’s NIBP-1000 series simulator family. Battery operated, the handheld, rechargeable simulator features NIBP, IBP, ECG, NSR, and ECG performance waveforms; as well as arrhythmias, respiration, static pressure, leak testing, YSI-400 and YSI-700 temperature simulation, and optional SPO2. Other models in the series include the NIBP-1010, for NIBP only, and the NIBP-1020, which adds 10-lead ECG simulation. All models allow the user to adjust for specific OEM differences in NIBP output and are Flash programmable, allowing for field upgrades with downloads from the company’s Web site.

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Rigel Medical, Peterlee, UK, introduces a new handheld, noninvasive blood pressure simulator for the fast testing of all types of NIBP monitors. The Rigel BP-Sim simulates a wide range of blood pressures to verify the accuracy and safe operation of all leading NIBP monitors. Custom settings include a variety of pediatric and adult NIBP pressures, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate, and manufacturer-specific O-curves. Bluetooth-enabled technology allows wireless connectivity with PCs to download performance data and upload manufacturers’ O-curves and specific test programs. It also features a built-in pump to generate user-specific pressure settings and a digital manometer that enables highly accurate static pressure measurements to be taken.

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The PS-415-HGULTRA power strip from Tripp Lite, Chicago, features a patented fault-protection circuit that prevents power from reaching its outlets if a missing ground, reversed polarities, or an open line is detected in the wall outlet. Power is automatically restored when it verifies that no line faults exist. Additionally, the PS-415-HGULTRA does not require the user to reset the unit to restore power. The power strip also features outlet safety covers, a rugged, all-metal case, a 15-foot AC power cord with a NEMA 5-15P-HG hospital-grade plug, a resettable circuit breaker, and a switchless design to prevent accidental shutoff.

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