Precision Infrared Calibrators

Hart Scientific, American Fork, Utah, a division of Fluke Corp, offers two additional products in its 4180 series of precision infrared calibrators—models 4180 and 4181—which use the same- size targets recommended and used by thermometer manufacturers. The technology helps users perform high-quality infrared thermometer calibrations—without a background in physics—and features target stability, target uniformity, a 6-inch target diameter, traceable radiometric calibration, and compensation for the emissivity settings of the radiation thermometer being tested. The 4180 has a temperature range of –15°C to 120°C, with radiometric (noncontact infrared) display accuracy as good as ±0.40°C. The 4181 measures from 35°C to 500°C, with radiometric display accuracy as good as ±0.35°C. Sample calibration procedures for Fluke thermometers are incorporated in the instruments.

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Electric Power Backup System

The new Silent Sentry from OnStat Power Inc, Stamford, Conn, is a compact emergency power supply system that provides up to 3,000-watt capacity and up to 4 kilowatt-hours of stored energy that supports medical equipment, light fixtures, and other critical needs. Available in 2,000-, 2,500-, and 3,000-watt capacity, the system is based on 12-volt battery banks that adapt to off-grid power sources. The quiet, clean unit connects to power supplies by hardwiring or a standard extension cord. The hardwired version offers built-in UL-489 branch circuit protectors for distributed loads, helping to eliminate the need for an emergency-circuit subpanel. The body is 14 inches wide and mounts on or between wall studs, with mounting flanges that can be relocated to reduce protrusion to 41¼2 inches.

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Software to Manage Test Records

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, England, has introduced Med-eBase, a new software program dedicated to recording and managing electromedical equipment safety testing records. The program complements the new Rigel 288 advanced tester, which verifies the status of electromedical equipment in line with IEC 60601-1 and the new IEC 62353 in-service safety testing standard. Designed around a Microsoft Windows user interface, the software helps manage the transfer of data to and from the 288 tester with Bluetooth connectivity. The program prints test certificates, stores functional and performance test data, and incorporates additional comments, serving as a comprehensive test database and asset-management register for medical equipment. Advance electrical maintenance schedules and retest information can be uploaded from the PC-based program into the tester for quick preparation for retest sequences, and the new multilingual program is SQL compatible.

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CE Management Guide

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) offers The CE Management Guide: Lessons from the Field, a comprehensive, searchable collection of nearly 200 clinical engineering-related articles. Clinical engineering managers and supervisors can consult the guide for information on a range of timely clinical engineering issues, and those preparing for the CCE exam can use it as a study tool. The volume contains relevant articles compiled and reviewed by a peer group of respected clinical engineers who are members of AAMI and the American College of Clinical Engineering. Topics range from benchmarking to productivity and quality management systems, and the material is divided into various topic areas: technology management, service-delivery management, product management, IT/telecom, education of others, risk management/safety, and general management.

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