Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, will boost its depot-level repair offerings for the Siemens Symphony and Harmony MRI scanners, with repairs for the Symphony/Harmony dual-frequency RF power amplifier, part number 4753062. Having the ability to repair the devices may permit customers to realize a 10:1 cost savings over standard exchange prices from OEMs. The company’s MRI depot-level repair service is certified to ISO9001/13485.

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Eaton Corp, Cleveland, introduces new switched and managed function levels for its portfolio of Powerware enclosure power distribution units (ePDU), which help IT managers address escalating power requirements in data centers and high-density rack environments. The tiered set of ePDU products are offered along two dimensions—power capacity and functionality—which help match appropriate features and power ratings for applications. The units provide advanced metering, monitoring, and management capabilities, and complement Powerware or third-party uninterruptible power systems by distributing power to up to 45 receptacles where conditioned power is distributed to multiple pieces of equipment. The units feature receptacle-level control, a Web-server interface, user-defined sequencing of outlets, and virtual grouping of outlets to permit single-click reboots for multicorded servers. IT managers can remotely monitor power consumption down to the individual receptacle level.

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Awarepoint Corp, San Diego, is offering T2S, an active radio frequency identification (RFID) real-time location system (RTLS) asset tag that is sterilizable via steam autoclave and common-liquid sterilization methods without removing it from equipment. Hospitals have been unable to use active RFID solutions to track some equipment because asset tags could not withstand cleaning and sterilization, but these tags help staff members locate equipment through the sterile processing department to determine if it is clean or dirty. The tags are tested to endure standard autoclave cycles at temperatures up to 135ºC, and sterilize-process workflows can be remotely monitored. The system alerts staff via e-mail, pager, or system reporting if sterile protocols have been compromised, such as when equipment moves from one sterile area to another before being processed by the sterile processing department.

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The NXT-225 series of ultrasmall (3- x 5- x 1.5-inch) AC/DC power supplies introduced by Power Sources Unlimited Inc, Wrentham, Mass, pack 225 W of power into a 10 W/inch3 power density, which fit into 1U high OEM applications or other applications where space is critical. The units feature a power-factor-corrected, universal 90- to 264-VAC input. Eight models provide adjustable, single outputs from 2.5 VDC to 48 VDC, with optional isolated 5 VDC standby power. Efficiency is 85% typical, line and load regulation are 0.5%, and operating temperatures are up to +70ºC with airflow. Comprehensive protection circuitry is inherent in the design. Options include remote inhibit/enable, cover and chassis, and single-wire load sharing. Load-sharing evaluation boards are available. The units provide worldwide safety compliance to EN60101-1 (medical) and EN60950-1 (IT equipment) standards, RoHS compliance, a 2-year warranty, and a high MTBF.

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