MMS Depot Repair

MedEquip Biomedical Inc, Doral, Fla, which furnishes the health care and biomedical service industries with cost-effective physiological monitoring solutions, offers a depot repair program for the Philips multimeasurement server. Models M3000A and M3001A will be repaired for a flat rate that includes a 1-year warranty. The repair program covers all options and software-revision levels. The company’s Web site features a list of products and services covering the HP/Philips, GE/Marquette, Spacelabs, Datascope, and Siemens lines of patient monitors. The company is ISO 9001/2000 certified.

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Transformerless UPS

The new Digital Energy LP-33U series 10-60kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from Fairfield, Conn-based GE Consumer & Industrial‘s power-quality business delivers power protection, 97% system efficiency, and redundant parallel architecture (RPA) for medical equipment, e-commerce applications, mobile networks, corporate Internet sites, and networked IT structures. The transformerless design and compact footprint provide front-service access and low noise, making the units suitable for office and industrial uses. RPA technology allows the series to parallel up to four units. Controlled in a peer-to-peer configuration using redundancy in all critical elements and functions, the technology reduces single points of failure. It synchronizes the output phase, automatically sharing loads supported by each UPS. The series’ UPS is a double conversion system with true online voltage and frequency-independent operation. The Intelligent Energy Management configuration with ECO mode monitors the quality of the mains, immediately transferring to VFI mode when the mains fall out of tolerance.

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Compact Medical Desktop Switcher

Protek Power North America Inc, Hudson, Mass, offers the PMP150 series of medically approved desktop AC/DC power supplies, which provide 150 watts of power and measure 3 inches x 8.17 inches x 1.72 inches. Features include active power factor correction, 90-264VAC input, and single-output models ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC. Input-to-output isolation is 4000VAC, and leakage current is specified at 90uA for the115VAC input. Standby power consumption is less than 1W, and units are compliant with CEC and level IV Energy Star requirements. Conversion efficiencies of up to 90%—depending on output voltage—permit operation without an internal cooling fan. Operating temperature is 0°C to 60°C, with derating above 40°C. Comprehensive overvoltage and overcurrent circuitry protects the end equipment and power supply. The units comply with RoHS directives and are approved to EN60601-1 standards. EMI performance meets Class B for radiated and conducted emissions.

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NTC Thermistors

The Temperature Product Group at Measurement Specialties Inc, Hampton, Va, a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and pressure transmitters, offers a range of disposable temperature probe assemblies for medical equipment and patient-monitoring applications. NTC thermistors are used in disposable medical temperature products to optimize monitoring accuracy and clinical hygienic standards. Thermistor sensors provide electrical sensitivity, durability, and interchangeability in many physical configurations. The medical/biomedical disposable temperature probe features ±0.1°C from +25°C to +45°C; and connector types such as Molex, phono-style, and 3 Pin DIN. Custom R/T characteristics, wire types, lead lengths, and insulation types are available. The devices can be supplied to FDA and CE/MDD requirements. Many hospitals prefer disposable medical probes to help reduce transfers of infection when treating critically ill patients.

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