NAI Tech Products, Auburn, Calif, has introduced MDR video RP, a compact, stand-alone medical image recorder with integrated disk-label printing. MDR video RP records high-resolution video to CD or DVD media in a DICOM format with automatic printing of full-color label graphics, including patient information. The size of a conventional video tape recorder, the device can be installed on ultrasound, mobile C-arm, fluoroscopy, and digital systems.

MDR express RP provides disk-burning and labeling capabilities for modalities such as CR, DR, CT, and MRI with DICOM output. The patented radial print disk-printing technology burns data and prints labels in the same drive, furnishing a compact and completely self-contained solution adaptable to imaging systems in the field. MDR with radial print combines technologies for cost-effective solutions. Deliveries are expected to begin in January 2008.

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Unfors, New Milford, Conn, has released Xi platinum, the new edition of its Xi system. The product features longer waveform memory plus a scatter detector for measurements of leakage and scatter radiation. Solid-state sensors provide benefits in size, sensitivity, and durability. The dose rate ranges from 10 µGy/h to more than 1 Gy/h and is suitable for use in the energy range from 17 keV to more than 120 keV. The handheld scatter probe offers measured values in the display, and the buzzer’s frequency corresponds to the dose rate. Data can be stored in the internal memory or exported to the company’s Xi view via a serial of Bluetooth communication.

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Harmonics overheat electrical systems, causing less capacity, more noise, and shortened lives for transformers. Guard III harmonic mitigating transformers from GE Consumer & Industrial, Fairfield, Conn, curb harmonic currents, reduce transformer heating caused by harmonics, and improve upstream power quality—while maintaining the NEMA TP–1 standard for energy efficiency. Examples of nonlinear loads that produce harmonic currents include electronic lighting and ballasts, medical equipment, adjustable-speed drives, personal computers, and other office equipment. Harmonic mitigating transformers come in specific phase shifts of 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°. The product meets CAS C22.2 #47, UL 1561, NEMA ST20, and IEEE C57.110 (harmonic mitigation). It conserves energy by reducing losses caused by harmonics, reducing maintenance and equipment-replacement costs, and may reduce building-cooling costs.

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The wall-mounted biomed metrics dashboard created by former biomed and current IS consultant Fred Servillon, Orlando, Fla, is a 42-inch, high-definition LCD screen that serves as a remote display for a dedicated desktop running the in-house-built dashboard application. The unit reports preventive maintenance (PM) priority 1 and life support devices’ PM, updating every 30 minutes; and displays customer-satisfaction-survey results. Reports of PM priorities performed by every site and monthly metrics data are automatically transmitted to management. The Web-request viewer refreshes every 50 seconds to capture incoming service requests for immediate attention, and team members can use the dashboard to broadcast important announcements. It can also track weather in hurricane territory by providing the outside temperature and rate of rainfall so technicians can know what to expect before traveling to service calls.

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The new 8-port NetDirector console KVM switch from Tripp Lite, Chicago, features on-board IP remote access, which lets users access and manage server components remotely through the Internet. The B020-008-17-IP offers password protection and advanced encryption technologies, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, 56-bit DES, and 128-bit SSL. The 17-inch video-quality LCD display offers a larger viewing area, which helps users manage multiple open windows and scroll through long file lists. The console combines the monitor, a full-feature keyboard with a numeric keypad, a touch pad, and an 8-port KVM switch in 1U of rack space. Mounted in an easy-glide drawer, it stores neatly in the rack. Hot-pluggable operation permits adding or removing PCs or servers without powering down the unit. A built-in firmware port allows upgrades from the administrator’s computer to the KVM switch.

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The new model 288 electrical safety analyzer from Rigel Medical, Peterlee, England, speeds in-service safety testing procedures without compromising the integrity of tests, helping biomedical service engineers and EBME departments meet recurrent and postrepair test requirements of the new IEC 62353 standard for medical devices. Bluetooth technology enables a wireless connection of bar code scanners, label printers, and other accessories; and allows cable-free data transfer and safety labeling—minus cumbersome plugging and unplugging of leads and cords.

The tester is partnered with the battery-operated Test ‘n Tag Elite printer, which generates tamper-proof bar code pass-fail labels and result printouts. The printer designs and prints customized logos on each label, indicating the electrical safety of the medical equipment and contact information. Thermal paper can be used for on-the-spot printing of test results using industry-standard 50-mm-wide paper.

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