Ansur Test Automation Software

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has created the Ansur plug-ins for its BP Pump 2 (NIBP simulator) and Impulse 4000 (defibrillator/transcutaneous pacemaker analyzer). Ansur improves testing quality, repeatability, and productivity using a single human interface no matter how many different mainframe testers are used. Use the Ansur test automation software plug-ins as an adjunct and interface to Fluke Biomedical and Metron analyzers and simulators to aid in performing medical device inspections for preventive maintenance or post-repair testing. The software design provides a consistent user interface for every test device used. Ansur delivers quality, repeatability, and productivity in the process of such testing.

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Electrical Safety Testing Requirements Guide

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, England, has published a free guide to the electrical safety testing requirements of the IEC 62353 international test standard. Practical Guide to IEC 62353 defines requirements to ensure the in-service electrical safety of electromedical equipment and systems. Designed for biomedical engineering personnel, medical equipment service engineers, and manufacturers of medical devices, the booklet explains the requirements of the standard and provides information regarding commonly used definitions, symbols, different leakage measurements, schematics, pass/fail limits, and single fault conditions. It is geared for new and experienced users of electrical safety test equipment, and it offers a reference guide to issues relating to everyday testing. Free copies can be downloaded from the Rigel Medical Web site.

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LED Phototherapy System

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, has released the BiliSoft LED phototherapy system, a blue LED and fiber-optic-based technology for the treatment of indirect hyperbilirubinemia, or jaundice in newborns. It features six blue LEDs with a soft, large light pad in two sizes, and can be used with premature infants or full-term babies. BiliSoft delivers phototherapy anywhere—in a neonatal ICU, pediatrics department, well baby nursery, or at home—in a radiant warmer, incubator, bassinet, crib, or in a caregiver’s arms. The surface area and intensive light allow for developmental positioning or swaddling of infants during treatment. Full-term babies can be swaddled or wrapped to allow feeding and holding during jaundice treatment. BiliSoft operates quietly, contributing to a soothing, comfortable environment for the newborn wherever it is needed. It meets the standards of the American Academy of Pediatric’s guidelines on jaundice management, which specify a narrow bandwidth of 430 to 490 nm to match the bilirubin response curve.

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Neonatal Parameters

Masimo, Irvine, Calif, now offers pulse oximetry (SpO2) and methemoglobin (SpMet) measurement in neonatal patients with its Rainbow adhesive sensors. The ability to continuously and noninvasively measure methemoglobin levels in neonatal patients is important in light of the use of inhaled nitrous oxide (iNO) therapy to treat hypoxic respiratory failure in newborns, which has been shown to induce methemoglobinemia. The company’s SET technology allows clinicians to continuously and noninvasively measure SpMet levels in the blood, making it appropriate for use in neonatal iNO therapies. Features include the delivery of accurate SpO2 saturation measurements from 60% to 100% even during the most difficult clinical conditions of motion and low perfusion. The company also improved accuracy specifications for the noninvasive measurement of carboxyhemoglobin in adult, pediatric, and infant patients with the technology.

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