Pronk Technologies Inc, Sun Valley, Calif, has announced its newest product, the SimSlim multiparameter simulator. The size of a candy bar and featuring a 10-year battery, the SimSlim produces 12-lead ECG (eight heart rates and 10 arrhythmias), eight respirations, four invasive blood pressure channels (seven static and eight dynamic), three cardiac outputs, and YSI 400 and 700 temperature (six temps). The rugged design includes 4mm and one-eighth-inch banana plug grooves for easy hookup to EKG carts.

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Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has released two precision instruments for testing external defibrillators and pacemaker analyzers: the QA40 Mk III defibrillator analyzer and the QA45 Mk III defibrillator/ transcutaneous pacemaker analyzer. These new products test practically any external defibrillator on the market today and assist users in preparing for future technology.

The units measure monophasic and biphasic DC energy, used in most of today’s defibrillators, and are capable of testing the pulsed-biphasic energy of a defibrillator—an emerging technology in the cardiac resuscitation equipment industry. Each can operate as a stand-alone device or can be incorporated into automated, PC-based software, which can greatly reduce testing time and standardize testing procedures. A large, easy-to-read screen and 12-lead ECG simulation make testing quick and convenient.

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp, Pittsburgh, offers Powerware power distribution units (PDUs), remote power panels (RPPs), and Power Xpert Gateway series 1000 cards. Designed for providing customizable and scalable power distribution in today’s high-density data centers, the Powerware PDUs and RPPs deliver reliable power to ensure optimal performance and availability of critical infrastructure equipment. As part of Eaton’s series of Powerware data center solutions, the Powerware PDU and RPP are the first products to feature Powerware’s energy management system for state-of-the-art monitoring.

The Power Xpert Gateway series 1000 card further expands the power distribution solution communication capabilities. Information technology and facility managers can now optimize power utilization for all levels of power distribution systems in data centers, including real-time metering at the branch-circuit level and a variety of connectivity monitoring options to manage end-to-end power distribution systems.

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The kVp meter and exposure time meter model 815/815R from Electronic Control Concepts, Saugerties, NY, measures the peak x-ray accelerating voltage from tungsten x-ray generators. Its large display is readable from outside the x-ray room and can indicate x-ray waveform type, whether half-wave, full-wave, or DC/3 phase. It is optimized for dental x-rays, but also works on radiographic and fluoroscopic x-rays. The alphanumeric display provides easy-to-understand status and error messages.

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