Solstice Medical LLC, Fort Wayne, Ind, has begun selling its MD3 tags, a line of patent-pending, medical-grade, rigid radio frequency identification (RFID) tags made with ultrahigh-frequency Gen II RFID tag technology specifically designed for reusable surgical devices. The design of the MD3 tag line addresses key requirements of the medical device industry: exponential improvements in read distances on metal, the ability to withstand repeated high-temperature autoclave cycles, and biocompatibility. The smallest MD3 tag (12.7mm x 3.3mm x 1.3mm) can be reliably read at distances of 1 to 3 feet when attached to metal instruments and equipment. The larger MD3 configuration (58.5mm x 19mm x 3.8mm) can generate read distances of up to 15 feet, and is well suited for set- or case-level tracking.

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Sonora Medical Systems, Longmont, Colo, has introduced the Firefly, a new endoscope testing device. The Firefly is a handheld instrument designed to measure the luminous radiation of standard medical endoscopic light sources, fiber optic cables, and endoscopes. The device consists of an integrating sphere, light meter, and adapters to interface with endoscopic equipment common in surgical applications. Multiple patents for the Firefly are pending. Its one-button operation provides the user with an objective and repeatable measure of the light output from each of the components in the endoscopy chain. The data can be used for predictive maintenance, product acceptance, and ongoing quality assurance programs.

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Fluke Corp, Everett, Wash, has made an addition to its ScopeMeter 120 series, the ScopeMeter 125. With advanced features for installing and troubleshooting industrial network buses and electrical industrial machinery, the rugged Fluke ScopeMeter 125 is designed to be an integrated all-purpose tool for service, maintenance, and installation engineers. The tool works with many industrial networks including AS-I bus, CANbus, profibus, foundation fieldbus, and Ethernet. It includes a bus health test feature, which enables users to quickly determine whether an industrial bus is working and helps identify the cause if it is not. In addition, the instrument can measure power, harmonics, motor-winding resistance, and motoreffective voltage from a variable frequency drive controller, thus eliminating the need for expensive, more specialized test equipment. The 120 series tools integrate an oscilloscope, a true-RMS digital multimeter, and a dual-input paperless recorder in one instrument.

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San Diego-based Bioconnect‘s neuroleads with disc electrodes are designed for noninvasive cutaneous neurological assessment with active and reference electromyography, electroencephalograph, and evoked potential monitoring and recording equipment. The tangle-resistant, high-conduction wires have multistranded center conductors for maximum flexibility and low signal loss. Neuroleads will be available in a selection of jacketing materials—ten color options, packaged in standard sets or single bulk packs, and in lengths of 48, 60, 72, 96, and 120 inches. They feature recessed touch-proof sockets molded over gold-plated 1.5mm BeCu spring contacts, tangle-resistant, easy-clean jacketed wires with flexible strain relief at both ends, and they meet DIN 42-802 requirements and AMXI/AAMI EC53 specifications.

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