Tripp Lite, Chicago, a manufacturer of power protection equipment, has introduced three new 8kVA SmartOnline hot-swappable modular UPS systems. The company’s hot-swappable design eliminates power-related downtime, allowing end users to perform all potential UPS maintenance—including complete power module exchange—without interrupting the flow of power or hiring expensive service specialists. The foundation of the hot-swappable design is a power distribution unit (PDU) that manages all input and output power connections and incorporates a manual bypass switch. Combined with the dynamic internal bypass feature that keeps power flowing to connected equipment in the event of a component problem, the manual bypass feature of the PDU enables UPS system maintenance and component replacement without power interruption and costly downtime.

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New test technology incorporated in the Rigel 288 electromedical safety analyzer maximizes versatility and portability considerations for personnel involved in medical equipment safety testing. As well as meeting IEC60601 test requirements, the Rigel 288 has been specifically designed to help biomedical engineers carry out in-service and postrepair electrical safety testing of patient-connected electromedical equipment, in accordance with the new IEC 62353 standard. The Peterlee, England-based company has developed special test technology that utilizes a 200mA test current instead of the 25A required in IEC 60601-1. The new Rigel test system utilizes a dual-current, high-intensity test to overcome any contact resistance problems that might be present, or other situations where weak conductor connections may inhibit protective earth testing with a lower test current.

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Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) from Bulbtronics, Farmingdale, NY, emit the same light as classic incandescent bulbs, while using up to 80% less electricity and producing 90% less heat per watt. A 25-watt CFL provides about 1,800 lumens, compared to 1,750 lumens from a 100-watt incandescent lamp. CFLs provide a flicker-free, soft white light and come in a variety of styles. One 20-watt CFL can save $66 over the life of the bulb, compared to a 75-watt incandescent bulb. The Energy Protection Agency reports that CFLs are the environmentally responsible choice, and that replacing one incandescent light bulb with an energy-saving CFL bulb reduced carbon monoxide emission to the atmosphere by 1,000 pounds.

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MedEquip Biomedical, Doral, Fla, an ISO 9001:2000 quality certified company, now provides service for the HP/Philips M1026B AGM gas analysis units. MedEquip’s partnership with Andros, the original manufacturer of this device, allows the company to provide a cost-effective alternative for service and repair. MedEquip also supports the predecessor of this unit, the M1026A. MedEquip’s partnership with Andros is a validation of the company’s core technical competency and commitment to providing quality service. Currently under development is a comprehensive service program for the MMS M3000/M3001 module. MedEquip Biomedical is a third-party service parts provider and depot repair center for HP/Philips, GE/Marquette, Spacelabs, Datascope, and Siemens patient monitors.

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