Ultrasound phantom; bulb and battery recycling program; rocker switches; uninterruptible power system

Ultrasound Phantom

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has announced the new 84-347 gray scale ultrasound phantom, a simple tool specially designed to access resolution of masses of varying size, depth, and contrast. The tool uses patented materials to permit rapid visualization of gray-scale resolution power at continuous depths from 1 cm to 12 cm—an ideal design for evaluating system-resolving power as a function of depth, size, and contrast. It can be used on all diagnostic ultrasound machines, allowing user evaluation of gray-scale sensitivity with a wide range of transducer frequencies. The unit can serve as a training and quality assurance tool for exploring optimum system setup and performance for all levels of ultrasound applications and asset management.

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Bulb and Battery Recycling Program

Go green with Bulbtronics Inc, Farmingdale, NY, by recycling using RECYCLEPAK, manufactured by Veolia Environmental Services. Bulbtronics, an international distributor of bulbs, batteries, and related lighting products, is encouraging its customers to use the packaged, prepaid recycling program that enables them to easily comply with state and local laws for the proper and safe disposal of universal wastes such as fluorescent and mercury lamps, batteries, and ballasts manufactured with mercury. The RECYCLEPAK containers will safely dispose of smaller quantities of universal wastes. The containers are all United Nations tested and Department of Transportation approved. Bulbtronics’ price includes the container, set-up instructions, prepaid return shipping label to the nearest processing center, and a toll-free number to arrange for pickup.

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Rocker Switches

APEM Components Inc, Haverhill, Mass, a manufacturer of industrial switches, offers its 2600 series of rocker switches, designed for power applications with capacitive and inductive circuits as well as common resistive circuits. The rocker switches satisfy power ratings up to 15 amps at 250 VAC and feature a minimum electrical life of 10,000 cycles at full load. Other electrical specifications include maximum initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms, minimum dielectric strength of 2500 V rms between terminals, and 3000 V rms between terminals and the metal mounting panel. Numerous colors are offered with a selection of three different rocker shapes, while the frame is available in five colors or chrome plate.

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Uninterruptible Power System

Powerware 9395 275-550 kVA—the latest uninterruptible power system (UPS) from diversified, industrial manufacturer Eaton Corp, Pittsburgh—will meet the current and future power protection requirements of large system applications. The system is a three-phase, double-conversion, online UPS that delivers high reliability and availability for large, mission-critical systems by integrating the capabilities of a redundant multimodule UPS system into an integrated, prewired solution. The system operates at 95% efficiency, and offers a smaller footprint and lower weight than other UPS products in its class. It features a scalable architecture that grows with customers to address changing power requirements and is designed to be field upgradable for capacity or redundancy, allowing a 275 kVA system to be upgraded on-site to 550 kVA, or even to an N+1 275 redundant system.

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