Backlit Keyboard

Saitek Industries Ltd, Torrance, Calif, has begun shipping its Eclipse Red, a slim computer keyboard with backlighting that shines through laser-etched keys, offering a safe, red, backlit mode for medical imaging labs. Targeted to the medical community, the clearly illuminated console allows the keyboard to be used easily in dimly lit corridors or any type of low- to no-light situation. The keyboard is solidly constructed from high-quality materials and includes a dark gray casing and silver keys. The keyboard’s weighted base and large rubber feet keep it firmly planted on a desk or cart, while cushioned, silent keys allow hours of fatigue-free use. (310) 212-5412;

Handheld Controller

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has released the HHC3 handheld controller, a device that remotely operates medSim 300B, MPS450, and Marq III patient simulators easily and effectively. The device enables current simulator users, including hospital biomedical technicians and manufacturers, to simplify and standardize their testing, training, and preventive maintenance protocols. The unit facilitates the direct selection of parameters for the Fluke Biomedical medSim 300B, MPS450, and Marq III patient simulators and connects to them with a flexible coiled cable. It provides single-key commands, dual-key commands, factory-defined sequences, and the easy programming of user-defined sequences. (425) 446-6945;

Clickable Flowmeter

Western Medica, Westlake, Ohio, has announced a new line of click-style oxygen flowmeters. The new QuickClick flowmeters provide confidence with every connection. They do not have traditional flow tubes to adjust, so the user can just click in the desired precise metered flow. Liters per minute are clearly marked on its dial, providing positive indication of flow. In addition, the devices incorporate the company’s SureClick feature, which reduces the risk of dialing the flow selector between click settings, making it even easier for clinicians to dial in and secure oxygen flow. The entire line of flowmeters is calibrated to 50 psi inlet, and all are a compact 1.39 inches in diameter. There are models with flow ranges from .5 to 8 liters per minute up to .5 to 25 liters per minute. (800) 783-7890;

Patient Simulator Remote Control

BC Group, St Louis, has introduced a new patient simulator remote, the BC Biomedical PSR-2200. The device allows users to have all of their patient simulators’ outputs available on a handheld, easy-to-use remote control that works up to 25 feet away from the simulator. The unit’s trending capability brings functionality and ease of use to patient simulator remote control. In addition to working with the BC Biomedical line of patient simulators, it also works with other select manufacturers’ units. The PSR-2200 features easy access to every output waveform, rate, and level of the patient simulator in a small and lightweight unit with an easy-to-read graphical LCD screen. (800) 242-8428;