Amvex Corp, Richmond Hill, Canada, and Cardinal Health Respiratory Care, McGaw Park, Ill, have teamed up to introduce the integrated flowmeter, which combines a dial-style flowmeter and a medical gas outlet into a single compact design. The right side port connection has a control knob, which allows the user to adjust the flow setting, while the left side port provides a direct connection to the gas supply. Built into the wall outlet—ensuring that it can never be removed—the flowmeter safely and conveniently dispenses medical oxygen and air, saves space, is always there when needed, and significantly reduces hospital costs for lost, broken, or stolen flowmeters.

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PanGo, Framingham, Mass, has unveiled a third-generation Wi-Fi-based active RFID tag that gives organizations the ability to identify and monitor the location of thousands of mobile assets, inventory, and personnel. PanGo’s tag includes an updated ergonomic form factor, battery life of over 5 years, and integrated alert-button functionality. The tag is also compatible with the Cisco certified extensions tag protocol, a Wi-Fi communication mode that enables a higher level of location accuracy for Cisco 2700 series location appliance customers and the ability for the tag to provide enhanced telemetry reporting.

Advanced features of the new tag give users customizable location reporting intervals and rules, detachment detection, remote configuration and management, and enhanced security features. A new ultralow-power, active RFID system-on-chip enables companies to tap asset-tracking capabilities at an average 75% reduction in total cost of ownership over earlier solutions.

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Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has released the HHC3 handheld controller, a device that remotely operates medSim 300B, MPS450 and Marq III patient simulators. The HHC3 facilitates the direct selection of parameters for the Fluke Biomedical medSim 300B, MPS450, and Marq III patient simulators. It uses flexible coiled cable to connect to a simulator and provides single-key commands, dual-key commands, factory-defined sequences, and easy programming of user-defined sequences. Users can employ the HHC-utility software to upload user-defined sequences from a PC and download the sequences to multiple controllers.

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McKesson Medical Imaging Group, San Francisco, and Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif, offer three models for the Horizon Medical Imaging store solution, all of which are designed to tailor a solution to size and intended usage, according to the needs of the customer. The partnership makes it possible for Toshiba to offer tailored storage solutions for a variety of customers. For smaller hospitals and imaging centers that do not need an enterprise PACS system to store data, Horizon Medical Imaging store is a cost-effective solution. It offers the ability to store cases online safely and efficiently, without requiring an enterprise PACS. However, as the clinical practice expands, if additional storage or an enterprise PACS become necessary, Horizon Medical Imaging store is the building block for full-enterprise PACS capability of McKesson’s Horizon medical imaging solution.

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