Medical-GradePower Strip
Tripp Lite, Chicago, has introduced the first medical-grade power strip with full UL 60601–1/60950–1 compliance to its line of hospital/medical-grade products. The PS–415–HGULTRA features a patent-pending, internal site-wiring fault-protection circuit that prevents power to its outlets if it detects a missing ground, reversed polarities, or an open line. The power strip, tested to US and Canadian safety standards, is the first of its kind to be agency-approved for use in medical facilities. The power strip features an all-metal case, a 15-foot AC power cord with a NEMA 5–15P hospital-grade plug, a resettable circuit breaker, and a switchless design to prevent accidental shutoff. Integrated locking outlet safety covers guard against contact with unused outlets. A diagnostic LED indicates that power is present with no ground faults or line/neutral reversals.
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Online Marketplace, New York, a public-access medical equipment marketplace, has introduced an interactive tool—Parts Hunter—for medical parts buyers and sellers. A parts buyer can now fill out an online parts request form and have that request instantly sent to multiple sellers—in some cases dozens or even hundreds of sellers. Each seller can post a price quote for that part, and the buyer can see all the quotes online. The Parts Hunter will be free of charge for the first 12 months. has more than 11,000 unique visitors per day and more than 71,000 registered users. Anyone can register for free on and get full access to the Parts Hunter and the rest of the site.
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Lung Simulator
BC Group International Inc, St Louis, has introduced a new lung simulator series: the LS-2000A for adult simulation, and the LS-2000I for infant simulation. As small and portable as a conventional test lung, the LS-2000 series incorporates an adjustable compliance and a variable resistance feature, as well as a leakage-control valve to verify the patient-trigger function or the leak compensation of a respiratory system. They serve as a complement to the TSI CertifierFA, the CertifierFA PLUS, the Puritan Bennet PTS-2000, or any ventilator tester on the market. Plus, the LS-2000 series is manufactured in accordance with the CE requirements. The BC Biomedical LS-2000A and LS-2000I come with a carrying case, retainer clip, side panel, compliance slide, inlet valve, rubber bag, and tension nut.
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X-ray Calibration
Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, has released the 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter and 35080M noninvasive kVp divider kit, which the company says combine to significantly streamline x-ray system calibration, QA or corrective maintenance procedure setup, and analysis. The 199XRAY offers specifications traditionally seen on top-end bench instruments in a handheld, battery-powered device; and the 35080M measures kV for all modalities but can fit in a shirt pocket. The unit checks above and below table tubes and digitally displays the peak and average kV values along with the waveform on the 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter. The products are designed for use individually or as a kit.
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