Universal Pressure Meter
Fluke Biomedical (Everett, Wash) has released the DPM2 Plus digital universal pressure meter, designed to measure the positive and negative pressures of medical devices in either liquid or gaseous form to assist in repair and quality control. The device is portable, easy to use, and offers a low-cost solution for testing pressures and evaluating flows produced by a broad range of medical devices during preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. When coupled with the optional parabolic flow adapter accessory, the displayed pressure can be interpreted using the look-up table supplied with the parabolic-flow adapter to determine flow from medical devices. (800) 44-Fluke; www.flukebiomedical.com.

Wi-Fi-Based Active RFID Tag
AeroScout Inc (San Mateo, Calif), a provider of Wi-Fi-based Active RFID visibility solutions, has announced several enhanced features and capabilities for its AeroScout T2 tag. The T2 tag is a Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tag for asset tracking and management. New features on the AeroScout T2 tag include a built-in temperature monitor and motion sensor. The motion sensor provides transmission control based on the tag’s movement, improving real-time location accuracy and a more than 4-year year battery life in most customer environments. The temperature sensor provides an additional stream of asset-management data for environment-sensitive assets, enabling the tag to wirelessly trigger a remote alert if the temperature goes above or below a certain threshold. In addition, advanced call button and LED functions, intrinsically safe electromagnetic certifications on the tag, and an extendable battery life (up to 8 years) help customers further enhance their asset-management capabilities. (650) 571-0800; www.aeroscout.com.

All-Metal Keyboard
MGR Industries (Fort Collins, Colo) has announced its new QVP all-metal, fully sealed keyboard with an integrated trackball, which is designed to withstand environments where fluids are common, heavy public use, vandal abuse, and harsh weather. Sealed to IP65, the keyboard can be spray-washed. Engraved key tops provide long key life and have a great tactile feel. Key graphics can also be customized. Designed to be mounted under a panel or to sit on a desktop, the keyboard’s bezel color can be customized by powder coating it to whatever color is desired. The keyboard is USB 2.0 or PS2 capable, and it operates in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C. In addition to this latest product, MGR offers keyboards, keypads, joysticks, and industrial computers for use in harsh environments. (970) 221-2201; www.mgrind.com.

Power Protection Solution
The Powerware BladeUPS by Eaton Corp (Cleveland, Ohio) helps data centers lower energy costs while delivering a scalable and flexible power protection architecture. With 12 kW in a 6U form factor, the Powerware BladeUPS offers increased power density. Over a 5-year period, a $26,000 UPS energy cost savings could be realized by a typical 120-kW data center (paying 10 cents per kWH), even before considering additional savings from reduced cooling requirements. The scalable design enables customers to reconfigure their power system to meet the increasing demands of a data center. As a data center grows, users can expand their BladeUPS implementation from 12 kW to 60 kW (redundant N+1 configuration) in a single standard 19-inch enclosure by simply plugging in additional parallel UPS modules into their existing system. (216) 523-5000; www.eaton.com.