Infection-Control Keyboards
iKEY (Austin, Tex)—designers, manufacturers, and sellers of sealed, rugged keyboards for medical environments—has developed the FL-Series of cleanable, medical keyboards and mice that are designed to reduce cross contamination. The FL-Series represents a further improvement of iKEY’s SlimKey-MD™ line that is ideal for operating rooms, patient rooms, carts, intensive care units, and retractable workstations. iKEY’s medical keyboards and pointing devices are a proven solution to meet the rising standards of infection control. The new FL-Series features even lower-profile silicon rubber keys for easy cleaning and a new light-gray color scheme that matches other hospital equipment. For working in low-light environments, the keyboards are also available with the convenience of back-lit keys. iKEY customizes its products to meet the specific needs of its customers. (800) 866-6506;

Universal Waveform Generators
Fluke Corporation (Everett, Wash) has introduced the 29x series of 100 MS/s universal waveform generators that produce multiple signals to test complex electronic circuits. The high-resolution, fast-sampling generators feature 1-M point waveform memory and unlimited waveform storage using removable compact flash memory cards. The 29x series uses direct digital synthesis technology with variable clock sampling to provide full-featured programmability and accurate arbitrary waveform generation. Connectivity is provided through USB, RS-232, and GPIB interfaces. Included is Waveform Manager Plus software, which creates, manipulates, and manages arbitrary waveforms within a single Windows®-based program. The Fluke 29x series is part of Fluke’s complete range of signal source generators designed for low-frequency (50 MHz or lower) audio manufacturing and service applications. (888) 308-5277;

Leakage Current Simulator
Rigel Medical (Peterlee, England) introduces the new Rigel 601 Checkbox for medical applications. By simulating both AC and DC leakage currents of medical equipment, the 601 Checkbox provides comprehensive calibrated values for earth leakage, enclosure leakage, patient leakage, and patient leakage mains on applied parts. The 601 Checkbox offers simple pass/fail values for B/BF and CF limits, as per the standards of the IEC 60601-1. For leakage, the instrument indicates “pass” with a value of 15% over the IEC 60601-1 test limit, and indicates “fail” with a value of 15% under the test limit. The 601 Checkbox provides up to 11 patient connections and has a recommended calibration level of 36 months. Each unit includes a certificate of calibration, a function earth cable, and a thorough instruction manual. A 2-year warranty is available. Rigel Medical, developers of biomedical test instrumentation, is a division of electrical safety testing provider The Seaward Group. +44 (0) 191 587 8744;

Test Lung System
South Pacific Biomedical (Temecula, Calif) offers the TL2 Test Lung System, a ventilator training and testing system with two lungs—just like you. The TL2 will work with all of your ventilators throughout their entire range of parameters, from 25 mL to 2.5 L, in any ventilation mode with effortless flow and pressure-triggering capabilities to -20cmH2O. The R3 Adapter, a three-in-one parabolic resistance tool (Rp5, Rp20, Rp50), can be used individually or combined to create your own unique resistances. At only 12.9 ounces, the TL2 is lightweight and small enough to easily fit into your service case or briefcase. (866) 676-1444;