American Medical Sales Inc (Hawthorne, Calif) announces significant product upgrades to its line of PACS products designed for small facilities. Since their introduction in 2004, the PACS-in-a-BOX products have been used in imaging centers, clinics, and private-practice offices. The PACS-1M™ complete solution for the one-modality office now holds the equivalent of 25,000 14- x 17-inch images, up from its original capacity of 10,000 images. The PRINCE™, with its automated CD image burner and labeler, now holds 50,000 images.

In addition, AMS has introduced another product to its suite of PACS-in-a-BOX offerings. The new PACS-3M product is designed for a facility with multiple modalities but only an occasional need to burn CDs of clients’ images. Like its sister products, PACS-3M includes licenses to place electronic view boxes throughout the facility. PACS-3M can also be upgraded to allow the distribution of images via the Internet. This new product will also hold up to the equivalent of 50,000 14- x 17-inch images. (800) 423-3535;

Vivid 7 Cardiovascular Ultrasound System
GE Healthcare (Baltimore) introduces new features to its Vivid cardiovascular ultrasound platform. The Vivid 7 Dimension system is a PC- based software, raw data ultrasound platform, renewed annually with the latest software and hardware. New for its Vivid 7 Dimension ’06 is real-time 4-D color flow full- volume imaging with the option of viewing a six- or nine-slice cross section of the left ventricle. The 4-D LV Volume—an EchoPAC Dimension option, gives users the ability to quantify volume information from real-time full-volume Vivid 7 data. The Vivid 7 Dimension ‘06 breakthroughs also offer more quantitative tools for left-ventricle wall motion and synchronicity, such as advance tissue synchronization imaging (TSI)—time-to-peak data derived from TSI’s simple-to-use “red light/green light” visualizations to quantify left-ventricle synchronicity for heart-failure patients or those undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy. (800) 558-5102;

Pressure Calibrators
Fluke Corporation (Everett, Wash) has added nine new products and enhanced features to its family of Fluke pressure calibrators. Designed to provide a compact, lightweight, total pressure-calibration solution for transmitters, gauges, and switches, the Fluke 718 pressure calibrators feature a new design that protects the built-in pneumatic-calibration pump from fluid contamination, allowing it to be serviced in the field for reduced service expense. Less than 9 inches in length and weighing a little more than 2 pounds, it is now available in 1-, 30-, 100-, and 300-psi models. It features pressure source and milliamp measurement to calibrate and maintain a wide range of pressure devices, mA accuracy of 0.015% for broad workload coverage, error % calculation to support faster pass/fail determinations in the field, as well as switch test and min/max/hold capability. The Fluke 717 is now available in 1-, 30-, 100-, 300-, 500-, 1,000-, 1,500-, 3,000-, and 5,000-psi models. The 717 family has been enhanced to include all the new electronic features of the 718 pressure calibrators. (888) 308-5277;

Washable, Wireless Computer Keyboards
Unotron Inc (Dallas) has launched its IP66 and NEMA4X certified washable, wireless computer keyboards. Featuring Unotron’s SpillSeal® patented technology to safeguard against the risk of infection and cross-contamination, it allows for complete up-and-down finger motion that mirrors natural typing, withstands submersion in water, endures repeated disinfecting, and eliminates the need for frequent replacement. Compatible with all PCs—including desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers; all health care and dental carts and platforms; and Windows® ‘95, ‘98, Me, 2000, and XP—they carry a full warranty. Additional software is not required. Unotron’s washable keyboards are USB (2.4 GHx) wireless units with PS/2 adapters; and they feature sealed dome key assembly, a standard 104-key layout with 15 multimedia and Internet hot keys, and a detachable wrist support. They are resistant to water (including strong water pressure), dust, debris, sand, and ice formations. (800) 381-5817;