Voltage Dividers
Greenwich Instrument Company Inc (Greenwich, Conn) introduces the Mammo Cal™ 4200 and Mammo Cal 4210 voltage dividers for the measurement of the high voltage of a mammography x-ray generator. The Model 4200 is designed to connect directly to the high-voltage measurement port of the Lorad™ mammography x-ray generator. A companion unit, model 4210, is designed to connect directly between the x-ray generator and the mammography x-ray tube through its Alden-type high-voltage connector. At 6 x 9 x 3 inches and weighing 6 pounds, both instruments are highly portable. Each unit has a built-in digital volt meter that displays the average voltage to the x-ray tube anode. Stable and accurate, the meter circuit allows you to either read the voltage continuously, or to select the “hold” mode and have the meter hold the reading and keep it displayed for 10 seconds. These units reduce the size and weight of the test-equipment package that the service engineer must take to the job site. (800) 998-4424; www.giciman.com/mammo.

Electromedical Testers
Rigel Medical (Peterlee, England) has incorporated improved test features in its Rigel 300 range of electromedical testers. By incorporating noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) testers, pulse-oximetry analyzers, a versatile patient simulator, and specialist testers for ventilators and defibrillators, the high-performance Rigel 300 series is designed to verify the functionality of patient-connected medical equipment.
All products in the Rigel 300 range use long-life battery power, providing maximum portability and convenient use. The advanced technical features in all five of the Rigel 300 products ensure ease of operation and high-quality measurement accuracy to provide a fast and efficient means of troubleshooting, as well as providing in-service testing to original equipment manufacturers’ specifications. Both the Rigel 311 NIBP tester and the Rigel 322 electrical SpO2 simulator have a patented electronic design to ensure the high accuracy of test measurements, and the Rigel 355 ventilation tester uses external pnuemo tachographs for maximum result reliability and accurate measurement performance. +44 (0) 191 587 8744; www.rigelmedical.com.

Signal Tap Box
Bioconnect(San Diego) is a division of RF Industries and offers a signal tap box for applications such as sleep labs, drug research, and multiple-device signal analysis. The box is designed to tap a signal from a standard 10-lead electroencephalogram signal for strip chart recording and save it to an electronic file or to an “out of the room evaluation,” such as in a sleep lab. Lead lengths, wiring configurations, connectors, and labels can be customized. The box is molded ABS plastic with 4-mm banana jacks. The cables are available with various connectors with molded and overmolded options.
Bioconnect products meet ANSI/AAMI EC53 specifications. All phases of manufacture—from tool and mold design to product fabrication using precision solder, ultrasonic welding, and insert molding techniques—are performed in its San Diego production facility. (888) 775-2372, ext 217; www.biocables.com.

Pulse Oximetry Simulators
BC Group International (St Louis) presents its new line of BC Biomedical pulse oximetry simulators: the MSP-2100U (US version, 110V) and the MSP-2100E (European version, 220V). The MSP-2100 modules can be plugged into the auxiliary port of any BC Biomedical PS-2105, PS-2110, PS-2210, PS-2220, PS-2240, NIBP-1010, or NIBP-1020 to provide a calibrated pulse rate selected on the simulator of choice. The MSP-2100 features calibrated pulse rates obtained from the main unit and SpO2 outputs of 80%, 90%, and 97% when used with the BC Biomedical fingersims™. The units are compact, cost-efficient, and maintenance free, with no costly upgrades. BC Group is a manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of test equipment and tools for the worldwide biomedical engineering community. (800) 242-8428; www.bcgroupintl.com.