Fluke Biomedical
The ULT800 TEE transducer leakage current tester, offered by Fluke Biomedical (Everett, Wash), tests the electrical safety of ultrasound transducers, independent of their ultrasound machines.

With the ULT800, transducer testing easily fits into routine disinfecting procedures. Technicians conduct the tests in a cleaning basin at the beginning of the day and between patients. The device is so simple to use, even nontechnical medical personnel—such as sonographers and central sterile-supply technicians—can perform the tests.

The ULT800 is available by itself or as a kit, which includes two transducer adapters, a dual-conductivity electrode, and a carrying case. A variety of adapters allow for the testing of many different makes and models. (800) 648-7952;

AIV Inc (Baltimore) offers new ultrasound and tocodynamic fetal transducers that are substantially equivalent to those from the original equipment manufacturers. These transducers have received 510(k) clearance for marketing by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are a high-quality, cost-efficient alternative for a hospital that is looking to lower the cost of maintaining its fetal-monitoring equipment. All new transducers come with a 1-year warranty. AIV focuses heavily on supporting the hospital’s clinical engineering department, concentrating mainly on medical-device repair and the sale of related parts and accessories such as pulse-oximeter adapter cables, PCA-control cables, power cords, AC adapters, and infusion-pump replacement parts. (800) 990-2911;

 Main Line International Inc
Main Line International Inc (Bogart, Ga) offers a vast array of previously owned transducers from most major manufacturers. Next-day delivery of probes manufactured by Acuson, ATL, GE, HP, Philips, Siemens, and others is available. Cardiac (including TEE), vascular, abdominal, and obstetrics and gynecology probes are in stock. All transducers pass stringent quality-control tests and are guaranteed to original equipment manufacturer specifications. A standard 60-day guarantee with longer service terms, and outright and exchanges, are available. Repairs are offered for most makes and models, including the HP Omni-plane TEE probes 21378A, 69A, and 67A; and the Acuson V5M TEE transducer. (800) 397-9020;

Echoserve (Golden, Col) offers comprehensive repair services for transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) ultrasound transducers. Among the company’s TEE-repair offerings are: complete evaluation and disinfection, bending neck rubber replacement, insertion-tube recoating and relabeling, connector electrical repairs, tip and lens replacements, and array repairs. The company provides full probe evaluations and loaner TEE probes at no charge. Echoserve specializes in the most popular TEE probes, including the Philips/HP 21381A, 21378A, 21369A, 21367A, and 2364A; the GE 6T and 9T; and the Siemens/Acuson 5VM. Echoserve’s professional ultrasound repair services are leveraged by health care providers, asset managers, original equipment manufacturers, and dealers to reduce the cost of ownership associated with its ultrasound equipment. (877) 386-3246;