Spacelabs (Issaquah, Wash) offers a new wireless networking option (802.11b compliant) for its Ultraview SL™ 2400 patient monitor. For transported patients, this new option extends central monitoring surveillance and provides data continuity for automated charting. In addition, with Spacelab’s Data Shuttle® option, patient settings and collected data always reside with the patient—at the bedside and during transport. The Ultraview SL 2400 features an integrated 10.4-inch high-resolution touch-screen display, an integrated alarm light, remote keypad support, and interactive networking. Its basic configuration provides four waveforms and support for 12 parameters. Six waveforms and support for up to 18 parameters is an option. With its compact design and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, the Ultraview SL 2400 is the perfect choice for monitoring at the bedside or in transport. (800) 522-7025;

Philips (Andover, Mass) has released a new line of obstetrical-care fetal and maternal monitors: the Avalon FM20 antepartum and the Avalon FM30 intrapartum. Built on Philips’ IntelliVue patient-monitoring platform, the new Avalon fetal monitors feature enhanced functionality and documentation capabilities in a compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-use product. Both monitors can be used to monitor multiple births, with advanced features that include high-quality ultrasound tracing and cross-channel verification, and a Philips safety feature that reduces the risk of confusing maternal and fetal heart- rate signals. The Avalon FM20 antepartum monitor and the Avalon FM30 intrapartum monitor integrate the monitoring of maternal blood pressure and pulse rate with measurements of multiple fetal heart rates and uterine activity. The Avalon FM30 covers patients from the onset of contractions through the final stages of delivery. (425) 487-7000;